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     SPR - Software Problem Reporting System - Abstract

          At most  computer  centers,  there  exists  no  formal  mechanism
     whereby  users  can officially report problems encountered with system
     software.  Users often ignore bugs in languages or in cusps  and  find
     ways to work around them, simply because they don't know who to report
     them to.

          SPR is a user-runnable program  which  allows  you  to  report  a
     system software problem via a simple series of questions.  The program
     prompts  for  software  affected,  suggested  priority   of   problem,
     description  and  problem  and  any way around it, and files needed to
     reproduce the problem.

          The system administrators and software maintainers run  the  same
     program  in  privileged  command  mode in order to access the SPR data
     base and add comments and reviews, or delete or revise the data.

          When SPR is given sufficient publicity users prove eager  to  use
     it,   and   the  resulting  problem  data  base  should  be  of  great
     documentation value to systems programmers and administrators.