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.c;SPR - Software Problem Reporting Program
.hl 1 General information
	SPR is a program to be used by the whole user community to report
problems with system software.  The users just type @SPR<cr>, and the program
prompts them for the information needed and types a help message if asked.
The software problem report (spr) is then appended to the spr data base in the
file SPR:SPR.DATA.  The spr is numbered (numbers are taken from the file
SPR:SPR.NUMBER) and a copy is generated for the user.
	The spr data base is designed to be accessed by systems programmers
only, by typing @SPR/COMMAND<cr> rather than just @SPR<cr>.  This is only
allowed for wheels, although it's a simple matter to change that to allow
operators to review the data too.
	In command mode, SPR offers a comprehensive list of commands to allow
you to add reviews to an spr, dispose of them, or list them in many different
modes.  When an spr is "disposed", a listing is created of the spr which may
then be mailed to the original submitter if you wish to keep users informed
about the results of their sprs.  (This is a good idea if you want to keep
people using the system -- everyone likes to get feedback.)
.hl 1 Operating environment
	SPR needs the following environment to work:
.le;A disk area defined as logical name SPR:.  This area should allow file
access according to individual protection codes.
.le;A file called SPR.DATA in SPR:.  This file is created and appended to by
users running the SPR program to generate reports.  World access protection for
this file should specify append-only.
.le;A file called SPR.NUMBER in SPR:.  This file merely has to contain the
current spr number, in ASCII.  Initialize it to contain the number one.
World access protection for this file should specify read/write protection
only.  Every time a user adds an spr, this number gets incremented.
.le;The file SPR.EXE in SYS:.
.hl 1 Assembly information
	SPR is written in MACRO with TOPS-20 version 4 monitor calls.  The
program requires only the standard system files, MACSYM.UNV, MONSYM.UNV,
MACREL.REL, CMD.REL.  The loading sequence is:
.s1.i10;@LOAD SPR.MAC
	This program was written by Steve Berlin at Wesleyan University in
1980.  For further information, call (203) 347-9411 Ext.511 or write:
Systems Programmer
Computing Center
Wesleyan University
Middletown, Conn.  06457
.c;[End of SPR.DOC]