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     SYSBUL - Systems bulletin review program - Abstract

          SYSBUL is intended to keep users informed of important changes to
     system  software.   System mail is the wrong forum, being designed for
     short urgent notices instead of long-term and  long-content  messages.
     SYSBUL  is  a  program  which  users  run  to  review  current or past
     bulletins about changes to system software.

          Users have the option of listing bulletin titles  and  typing  or
     printing  out any selected combinations of bulletins.  A suggested use
     is to create a bulletin or several  bulletins  explaining  changes  to
     system  programs  or  procedures  and  how the users will be affected.
     Then a system mail message may be posted indicating  the  availability
     of new bulletins that may be read via SYSBUL.

          SYSBUL is particularly useful as  a  method  of  catching  up  on
     several  months  of  evolution to a program - for example a user could
     browse through all bulletins that mention RUNOFF in the  title  before
     starting to write a sizeable paper using the computer.