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There are no other files named tapsav.ctl in the archive.
! Control file to build TAPSAV
!   (For export purposes)

! Files needed:
!	TAPSAV.MAC		Source
!	MACSYM.UNV		DEC-supplied universal (not included)
!	MONSYM.UNV		DEC-supplied universal (not included)
!	SYMBOL.UNV		Wesleyan-supplied universal
!	SYMBOL.MAC		Source for above
!	UUOCON.REL		Wesleyan-supplied subroutine package
!	UUOCON.MAC		Source for above
!	CMD.REL 		DEC-supplied subroutines (included)

! Make sure universals get searched

@define sys: sys:,dsk:

! Compile, load and save the program

@load tapsav.mac

! That's all there is to it!

@vdir tapsav.exe