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.sk 2
The DSTATS program is used to gather certain disk usage statistics by directory name.
There are six different fields which DSTATS can return:
.lm 10
.i-3;1) Disk space currently in use
.i-3;2) Permanent allocation (logged-out quota)
.i-3;3) Working allocation (logged-in quota)
.i-3;4) Percentage of permanent allocation actually in use
.i-3;5) Directory name
.i-3;6) Default account for directory
.LM 0

Five of these fields may selectively be omitted (the directory name will
always be output).
Commands are as follows:
.RM 72
.skip 1
  Command             Function                               Default
  =======             ========                               =======
  BEgin               Start execution of program
  CLear               Clear Grand Total
* CRam                Formats output into 80 column records    no
* DEfault-accounts    Include DEFAULT ACCOUNTS for LOGIN       no
  DIrectories         Directory to check                       <*>
  Exit                Return to monitor level (a "CONTINUE"
                      command may be used to resume at same
                      place in DSTATS)
* HEAder              DSTATS will output a header at top       yes
  HELp                This file
  No                  Turn off any *ed command
  Output              Output file                              TTY:
* PAges-used          Include pages currently in use           yes
* PERCent             Include the percentage in use            yes
* PERManent           Include permenant allocation             yes
* Summary             Include summary lines at end of output   yes
* Take                Take command for input file            DSTATS.CMD
* Working             Include working allocation               yes

.sk 2

[ End of DSTATS.HLP ]
.sk 2