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    1 FORMAT(/41H Type the name of the file which  contain,
     120Hs  the  source  text/25H which  is  to  be  proce,
     236Hssed.  Unless you specify otherwise,/9H this sou,
     349Hrce file  will  be  assumed  to  have  .RNO  as  ,
     43Hits/43H extension  (the 3 letter portion of the na,
     518Hme to the right of/27H the period).  The output f,
     634Hile will be named  similarly,  but/11H with  .DOC,
     749H as its extension and will be written to your are,
     81Ha/9H on disk.//32H If you want to specify the outp,
     929Hut device and/or the name  of)
    2 FORMAT(42H the  output  file  and/or the owner of th,
     119He area to which the/26H output  file  is  to  be ,
     235H written  (provided  that  you  are/10H privilege,
     349Hd  to  write to that area), then these can be typ,
     42Hed/44H to the left of an equal  sign  preceding  t,
     517Hhe  name  of  the/28H source  file.   You can als,
     633Ho specify the device and/or owner/12H for the sou,
     749Hrce file.  Thus if you want to process  the  file/
     849H named  ONE.RNO  which  is on your disk area, if ,
     912Hyour area is)
    3 FORMAT(42H [20,56], and if you want the resulting te,
     119Hxt to be written to/26H a  file  named  ONE.DOC  ,
     235Halso  in  your  disk area, then the/10H command w,
     329Hhich you type could be either/6X,3HONE/3H or/6X,
     437H[20,56]DSK:ONE.DOC=[20,56]DSK:ONE.RNO//8H If you ,
     549Hwant to process the text which is in  several  so,
     64Hurce/42H files and to have this text be treated as,
     719H though it appeared/26H in a single source file, ,
     835Hthen you  can  type  the  names  of)
    4 FORMAT(42H these  files  separated  by commas, but i,
     119Hf you would need to/26H type more than 72 charact,
     235Hers, then you should type either  a/10H comma  or,
     349H  an  ampersand  at  the  right end of the line a,
     42Hnd/44H continue typing the names of  the  files  o,
     517Hn  the  following/28H lines.   Instead  of  retyp,
     633Hing  all of this information each/12H time, you c,
     749Han place this information into another file,  and/
     849H type  its  name  either  preceded  immediately  ,
     912Hor  followed)
    5 FORMAT(42H immediately by an at sign character (@). ,
     119H Each line  in  the/26H command  file  must  cont,
     235Hain no more than 72 characters, but/10H the names,
     349H of the files to be  processed  can  appear  eith,
     42Her/44H separated  by  commas  or on separate lines,
     517H.  If the command/28H file  contains  more  than ,
     633H a  single  command,  then  these/12H commands mu,
     749Hst be separated by a semicolon.  The extension of/
     849H the name of the command file is assumed to be .C,
     912HMD if you do/23H not specify otherwise./)
    6 FORMAT(42H A few switches can be included either wit,
     119Hh the name  of  the/26H output  file  or  with  t,
     235Hhe  name  of the first source file./10H These swi,
     349Htches start with a leading  slash  followed  by  ,
     42Han/44H identifying  word followed in some cases by,
     517H a colon and then/28H by a number.  Only the firs,
     633Ht letter of the word  is  needed./12H The switche,
     749Hs can be issued in any order if several are used./
     8/14H /BEGIN:number/6X,27Hcauses all pages to be  sup,
     928Hpressed  which  precede  the)
    7 FORMAT(6X,39Hindicated page.  The page count which i,
     116Hs used in making/6X,26Hthe  comparison  is  1  fo,
     229Hr  the  first  page  and   is/6X,13Hincremented  ,
     342Hby 1 for each following page regardless of/6X,1Ht,
     438Hhe page numbers marked on these pages.//7H /END:n,
     55Humber/6X,38Hcauses all pages to  be  suppressed  w,
     617Hhich  follow  the/6X,25Hindicated page.  The page,
     730H count which is used in making/6X,12Hthe  compari,
     843Hson  is  1  for  the  first  page  and   is)
    8 FORMAT(6X,39Hincremented  by 1 for each following pa,
     116Hge regardless of/6X,26Hthe page numbers marked on,
     213H these pages.//15H /OFFSET:number/6X,9Hcauses th,
     346He output to be shifted to  the  right  by  the/6X,
     428Hindicated number of columns.//7H /PAUSE/6X,4Hcaus,
     549Hes the output to  be  written  to  the  controlli,
     62Hng/6X,41Hterminal.   The  program  will pause at t,
     714Hhe top of each/6X,28Hnew page and wait for you to,
     827H hit  the  carriage  return/6X,15Hkey  before  co,
     940Hntinuing.   This  allows  you  to insert)
    9 FORMAT(6X,39Hindividual sheets of paper into the ter,
     16Hminal.//17H /TERMINAL:number/6X,15Hselects  the  m,
     240Hanner  in  which   the   output   device/6X,3Hrep,
     345Hresents superscript and subscript characters./6X,
     448H/T:0 if output device cannot do half-line feeds./
     56X,46H/T:1 if  current  output  device  cannot  do  ,
     69Hhalf-line/6X,34Hfeeds,  but  document  will  ultim,
     721Hately  be  printed on/6X,21Hdevice which can do  ,
     834Hhalf-line  feeds.   Document  will/6X,9Hhave  to ,
     946H be  processed  again  to  produce  the  final)
   10 FORMAT(6X,8Hversion./6X,25H/T:2 if output device is ,
     130H Diablo  or  Xerox  daisywheel/6X,12Hterminal wit,
     231Hh uni-directional form tractor./6X,11H/T:3 if out,
     344Hput device is  Diablo  or  Xerox  daisywheel/6X,
     442Hterminal with bi-directional form tractor.//3H /V,
     53HIEW/6X,40Hcauses the output to  be  written  to  t,
     615Hhe  controlling/6X,27Hterminal.   The  program  w,
     728Hill  not pause at the top of/6X,14Heach new page ,
     832Hunless /PAUSE is issued instead.//12H The command/
     96X,19HONE/P/O:12/B:6/E:10/3H or)
   11 FORMAT(6X,28HTTY:=ONE.RNO/E:10/B:6/O:12/P/8H would p,
     149Hrocesss the file named  ONE.RNO,  writing  the  s,
     24Hixth/42H through  the tenth pages to the terminal,,
     319H pausing at the top/26H of each page, and shiftin,
     435Hg  each  line  12  columns  to  the/7H right./)