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                    Abstract for PRETTY

     PRETTY is a utility program for formatting BLISS source
and  require  files  so  that  they  correspond to generally
accepted formatting standards.  PRETTY is written  in  BLISS
and  runs  on DECsystem-10, DECSYSTEM-20, and VAX computers.
While PRETTY does perform syntax checking, its main function
is formatting.

     Output format is  tailorable  via  a  set  of  commands
embedded  as  BLISS comments in the sources being formatted.
PRETTY supports BLISS V3.0 syntax.  A  maintenance  document
describing  the  functions of several of the main modules as
well as guidelines for adding  new  BLISS  syntax  and  user
commands,  a User's Guide, help files, and command files for
building PRETTY to run on various machines are included.