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	Before compiling and linking PENNZYME, some
preliminary work must be done. For its menu subroutines,
the program uses a fortran random access file. To 
create that file, first compile the file conv.for.
this program converts a regular text file into a random 
access file. To use conv.for, just run it, give it
the number of the regular file (menlst.tex) and the 
name of the random access file (menlst.txt).

In Tops -10, we would say:
.execute conv.for

	There are two PENNZYME files containing 
COMMONS statements. These files must be compiled before
all the others. The files are COMM.FOR and GRAPRM.FOR.
Once those two files are compiled, you can compile all 
the others. A list of the other necessary files can be 
obtained by looking at the files epfgra.cmd and epfgra.cmd.

In Tops - 10, we would say
.compile comm.for
.compile graprm.for
.compile @epfgra.cmd

	Once all the object files have been created, you
must then link them together with your file containing the
rate law function.

In Tops - 10 , we would say
.execute @epfgra,ratelaw