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	This file is a guide to the PENNZYME documentation.

pennz.doc - Beginners guide and User's guide to PENNZYME.
	    The basic reference manual.

files.doc - Contains an explanation of the kind of subroutines
	    found in each of the non-graphics PENNZYME files.

comp.doc -  An explanation of how to compile the PENNZYME files.

exam.doc -  An example of how we would compile and run 
	    PENNZYME in our Tops - 10 environment.
	    It is not very nice because it includes all the 
	    fortran warnings at compilation and other
	    local system details, but it should serve
	    as a reference. It's last lines, the running
	    of a pennzyme example, showing both input
	    and output, are probably worth seeing.

graph.doc - The graphic subroutines use a few machine
	    dependent graphics primitives. The subroutines
	    that call such machine dependent, operating
	    system provided routines are stored in the
	    file Graph.doc is a description
	    of those machine dependent routines, so
	    you can try to find analogous ones within
	    your instalation.

ralaw.doc - An index to the set of rate law subroutines 
	    included in the distribution tape.