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The Student Resume System

Abstract:  The RESUME program is a simple line editor and word processor
designed specially for the production of resumes by all of the students
in a class.  The students use the RESUME program to enter their resumes
into the computer.  They then run the program again as many times as
are necessary to revise their resumes.  The program can be used by
students who do not have any prior computer experience.  All of the
commands which are needed to enter or edit the resumes consist of short
English language words.  A question mark can be typed to obtain a
complete description of what the program expects at any point.  If
a student makes a mistake and issues a command which would be likely
to damage a resume, then the program will always tell the student the
possible consequences and will request confirmation that this really
is what the student wants.  When all of students have completed their
resumes, the resumes can be automatically collected together and typed
ready to be photocopied and assembled into a resume book.