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                    JOHN McSMITH
                    123 Main Street                        31 Ocean Bottom Avenue
                    Giant, Connecticut 06599               Soggy View, New Jersey 38712
                    203 123-4567 home                      406 123-3333
                    203 123-7654 messages

                    To become rich and famous.

EDUCATION           HAPPY BEVERAGE SCHOOL Allston, Massachusetts
                    Candidate for Master in Brewing Arts (MBA), 1985.
                    BASIC MODEL IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE Anytown, USA
                    BA, magna cum laude, Major in Business Anthropology, 1983.

Summers 1979        SPACE VENTURES Atlanta, Georgia
and 1980            Independent Consultant
                    - Wrote report on competition among satellite carriers.
                    - Prepared financial analyses for proposed advertising campaign on
                      radio and TV.
                      Advertising campaign was highly successful and has been used each
                      year since.
1978-1979           UNITED NATIONS                                   New York, New York
                    Research Specialist
                    - Wrote computer models for predicting mugging rate of diplomats
                      according to rank.
                    - Interviewed German business executives (in French).
1977-1978           LITTLE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY New York, New York
                    Responsible for the handling of many cents each day.
1975-1977           JONES THEATER River City, Iowa
                    Assistant Director
                    Managed 100 person staff during spare time. Spoke before student
                    groups and executive directors. Analyzed the dynamics of product
                    growth and thrift levels. Provided counseling services for theater

PERSONAL            Other interests include hang gliding, deep sea fishing, gold
                    mining, cattle rustling, bank robbing.