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	TITLE  ABSENT  - Program to output a string.
	SEARCH MONSYM	;Add TOPS-20 symbols to MARCO

comment $
  This is a (micro) macro hack..  intended for game implementors to
be able to point to where the executable version of there game is now

  Simply change '<game name>' in the asciz string MESAGE in this file
to the name of your game. Issue the command: LOAD ABSENT.MAC to the
exec, this will assemble this program. Then: SAVE ABSENT.EXE This
will save the core image. (You can now DELETE ABSENT.REL). Lastly:
RENAME ABSENT.EXE to the name of your game.EXE.  

rmajor==1                       ;Major edit change
rminor==0                       ;Minor edit change

EVEC:	JRST	START           ;This is for version information
	BYTE (3)rwho(9)rmajor(6)rminor(18)redit

START:	RESET			;Reset the state of I/O devices
	HRROI	1,MESAGE	;Copy the address of MESAGE to register 1
	PSOUT			;Output the mesage
	HALTF			;Stop execution here

MESAGE:	ASCIZ	/ <GAME NAME> is now in the GAMES: directory.
 To play <GAME NAME> type PLAY <GAME NAME>./

	END	<EVECL,,EVEC>	;End of the program