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The directory protection  is set  so that  anybody can  see the  files
according to the file protection.  Only those games which do not  keep
play logs may be kept here.  There is no longer a restriction for each
game to have any sort of time or load checking since the Play  program
takes care of that.

If your game  requires data files  of any  sort the files  must be  on
GAMES: This definition  was created  to make  it easy  to develop  and
transport the games; during development GAMES: may be defined as  your

Be aware that in order to have  your game made public, we must have  a
source of your  program.  If  your source  consists of  more than  one
module, it will be helpful to  have a command file which compiles  and
links all modules.  If you include any files, or open filespecs  which
are in your  directory, try  to use logical  definitions.  This  makes
your game much easier to transport.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to GAMES