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-- WPSIM Instructions --

*** For a description of how to build WPSIM, please read the file:


	It should not be necessary to build the program again, as an EXE
	version has been included on the tape.	If you have non-standard
	terminals, you may have to change the terminal table in VDT.MAC
	to tell WPSIM what terminal types are assigned to which models.
	Currently supported terminals include VT100, VT102, VT52, Adds
	Viewpoint, Datamedia Elite, and others.

*** For an abstract describing the program, please read:


*** For a description of how to use the program, including the complete
	set of user documentation, please read the documentation in the
	file WPSIM.MSS.  This is a SCRIBE format file which is generated
	using the (included) database file WCCMAN.MAK.	Unfortunately,
	this .MAK file assumes that you have CGTIMES fonts available on
	an LN01 printer, so you'll have to edit it for your local
	devices if you have SCRIBE.

	If you don't have scribe available, an earlier RUNOFF version of
	the manual is included.  However, these files WPSIM.RND and
	WPSIM.DOC reflect a previous program version and the newer
	commands are not included.

	A hardcopy manual suitable for copying is included in this

*** For help with problems, you may contact the program's author:

	Douglas Bigelow
	Wesleyan University
	Computing Center
	Middletown, CT 06457

	1-203-347-9411 Ext. 2618