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;Edit number 323 by SST.D-BIGELOW on 29-Oct-85
;    ** Begin minor version 2 for new features: expunging directory after
;	directory full error, and not allowing users to mess up a recovery.
;Edit number 322 by SST.D-BIGELOW on  2-Aug-85
;    ** Begin minor version 1 to coincide with new manual production.
;Edit number 321 by SST.D-BIGELOW on 11-Jun-85
;	Correctly handle an illegal switch on the rescanned command line.
;	Fix the trailing delete problem once and for all by rewriting the
;	routine to count bytes being output rather than output until a
;	special character.
;Edit number 320 by SST.D-BIGELOW on 25-Oct-84
;	Yet another try at removing the trailing null/delete from an
;	output file.
;Edit number 317 by SST.D-BIGELOW on 24-Sep-84
;	Fix logic that caused bug in TYPCHK routine -- COMND% was reacting
;	oddly to a CALL DPROMP, for no known reason...
;Edit number 316 by SST.D-BIGELOW on  5-Sep-84
;	Remove trailing null from closed files caused by outputting the
;	delete.
;Edit number 315 by SST.D-BIGELOW on 28-Mar-84
;	Add a /VT102 switch to turn on special insert and delete code in
;	VT100 handling.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.4, 29-Jan-84 20:15:14, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 314	Implement /Search switch to execute a search before displaying
;	the first screen.  See VDT for details.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 10-Oct-83 12:10:03, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 313	More work on error handling in INI files; make full message appear
;	for errors during /TYPE: scan.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.8, 27-Sep-83 11:18:12, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 312	Remove null at the end of a file caused by overwriting the delete
;	that terminates the file string.  (Edit removed)
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.7, 23-Sep-83 08:27:54, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 311	Correct default setting of /AUTOSAVE and /EXPAND.  They weren't
;	working correctly.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.4, 13-Sep-83 09:02:54, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 310	Change output file switch parsing routine to call rfield instead of
;	readfl.  Errors in number parsing got us into input routine again.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3, 12-Sep-83 10:41:21, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 307	Fix problem (again!) with recognition failing on non-WPS files.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.26, 16-Aug-83 09:58:42, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 306	Change parsing algorithms so that WPSIM rescanned command line looks
;	like a regular command line, allowing switches.  Make command line
;	switches hold precedence over all /TYPE: switch values.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.17, 15-Aug-83 12:38:08, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 305	Change version to 3.0, and change prompt to reflect style of edit
;	number 304.  More work on edit 304.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3, 12-Jul-83 11:48:40, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 304	Make WPSIM allow output specifications in place of input ones, and
;	notify the user about it, and always use the suggested default when
;	possible.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 30-Jun-83 12:51:41, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 303	Make the output routine avoid writting out the trailing delete.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.18, 20-Jun-83 12:29:04, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 302	Include a couple new variables to match those in VDT.  These
;	are used by the new pagination routines.  Also, include switches
;	for the control of this feature.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.17, 20-Jun-83 12:26:47, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 301	Make the output file prompt write the full default file spec,
;	fix a bug in the defaulting code.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.11, 17-Jun-83 10:42:09, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 300	Set /Autosave:200 and /Expand as default switch values
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.3, 16-Jun-83 14:40:31, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 277	Make the output file have the input file's parts as its default,
;	so a <cr> will default the output to be exactly the same as the
;	input
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 17-Feb-83 13:39:31, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 276	Add /SHRINK:n switch to allow setting of margin adjustment value.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 31-Dec-82 08:04:00, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 275	Add the /NUMBER:n switch to say start the page numbering at page n.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.2,  9-Dec-82 16:46:16, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 274	Make the output switch /Controls which converts "$"'s to
;	Escape's and "^"'s to control characters.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 24-Nov-82 10:30:48, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 273	Make /NO FILETABS the default action, to prevent problems with output
;	files.
;<SST.SYSDOC>WPSIM.MAC.2, 15-Oct-82 10:24:47, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 272	Bump the minor version to account for the removal of the ^S/^Q
;	commands, and the changes to search and replace.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 28-Sep-82 15:14:48, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 271	Make program entry vector which includes VDT edit number in the
;	version.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  8-Sep-82 16:04:14, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 270	Change TVER to PRINT for version number typout.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  3-Sep-82 12:39:01, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 267	Make the standard scrolling size be 8 rather than 5.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.4,  1-Sep-82 15:19:12, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 266	Make the default type of an output file be used in place of the type
;	of the input file, for the /TYPE processing.  This also allows the
;	create command to work.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  1-Sep-82 13:22:54, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 265	Don't increment HGHLIN before calling EMPTY -- VDT has been made
;	smarter.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 31-Aug-82 12:42:17, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 263	Add switch /SCROLL:n to set amount to scroll when moving the cursor
;	up or down with arrows.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3, 20-Aug-82 09:25:46, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 262	Make WPSIM execute the SETSN jsys to set the system name.  Because
;	WPSIM isn't in subsys, statistics weren't being accumulated.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.3, 14-Aug-82 14:10:32, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
; 261	Change the version type out routine to use the TVER LUUO.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.4, 13-Aug-82 16:15:03, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
; 260	Implement version number typout on program startup.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3,  9-Aug-82 10:53:20, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Implement FILTAB switch, to request tabification on output.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  6-Aug-82 14:11:53, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Increase SAVBUF size to 3200 words -- calculation was inaccurate and
;	VDT was overflowing the buffer.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 12-Jul-82 07:51:45, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Change GETJFN call to search for an INI file on dsk: before login:.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.2,  8-Jul-82 10:29:46, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
;	Patch the TYPCHK routine to allow reparsing of the
;	INI file in case of label-search errors. PBG
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  8-Jul-82 08:55:22, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Add a new switch for model 2 Viewpoint terminals.  They tack on
;	a CR after a function, which must be disregarded.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3,  5-Jul-82 12:33:16, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Clear LINE and COL before dispatching to GETTXT routine.  Paired
;	with corresponding change to VDT which avoids doing same.
;<SST.P-GALVIN>WPSIM.MAC.3,  5-Jul-82 11:03:57, Edit by SST.P-GALVIN
;	Changed the TYPCHK routine to allow more than one label
;	on a line of switches.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.3,  1-Jul-82 18:00:10, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Change CMD program storage parameters to allow up to 500 words in
;	a command line and 30 words in an atom.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2,  1-Jul-82 12:20:33, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Make /EXPERT mode cancel first line of WPSIM input prompt, and
;	avoid the "expanding margin" message too.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 29-Jun-82 14:35:01, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Fix problem that occurred in VDT when /SETTAB:0 was specified.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 24-Jun-82 10:37:59, Edit by SST.B-RAMSEY
;	Fix problems with /TABS command in INI file being overwritten.
;<SST.D-BIGELOW>WPSIM.MAC.2, 23-Jun-82 10:56:33, Edit by SST.D-BIGELOW
;	Beginning of formal edit history.  Install new switch /SETTABS
;	to allow setting variable spaced tab stops.
Subttl	Table of contents for WPSIM

;	   -- Section --					   -- Page --
;  1.   Edit history.................................................. 1
;  2.	Table of contents............................................. 2
;  3.	Program Initialization........................................ 3
;  4.	Symbols....................................................... 4
;  5.	CMD program storage........................................... 5
;  6.	Storage....................................................... 6
;  7.	CMD program definition blocks................................. 7
;  8.	Program start................................................. 10
;  9.	Tab handling.................................................. 19
;  10.	Main processing, input file specification done................ 20
;  11.	Process the output............................................ 24
;  12.	Setstg - Set up data storage.................................. 28
;  13.	Saver - Fork which keeps backup editing copies................ 29
;		     (End of table of contents)
Subttl	Program Initialization

Search	Symbol			; Universal file sets up macro definitions
Sall				; Supress macro expansion

;Version information
	Vmajor==3		; Major version
	Vminor==2		; Minor version
	Vedit==323		; Edit number
	Vcust==4		; Who last edited file

;Define title, setup version and macro psuedo-ops


.TTN.	WPSIM,Word Processor Simulator


;Program feature test switches

.IF Omit,Macro,<
	Omit	Memory		; No memory manipulation
	Omit	Sorter		; No sorting
	Omit	Comman		; No special comnd jsys calls
	Omit	Strng.		; No special string handling

	Include	F..UUO		; Local uuo features
				; If included, requires UUOCON.REL

;*			===   Documentation   ===
;* Written by Douglas Bigelow on 14-Sep-81
;* Description:  WPSIM is a program which simulates a word processor.
;* For details on operation, see the file WPSIM.DOC.

;Set up program entry vector
Wpsvec:	jrst	wpsim		;start
	jrst	wpsim		;re-enter
Subttl	Symbols

Datpag==40			;beginning of data pages
Datadr==datpag*1000		;data address
Defmxl==<700-datpag>*40		;lines available for data

Maxind==^d60			;maximum indentation
Stdind==0			;standard

Maxscr==^d24			;scroll 24 lines
Minscr==1			;not less than one
Stdscr==10			;standard

Minmin==^d10			;minimum value for minimum line break
Maxmin==^d76			;maximum
Stdmin==^d62			;standard

Minmax==^d12			;minimum value for maximum line break
Maxmax==^d78			;maximum
Stdmax==^d65			;standard

Minbak==0			;minimum value for backup maximum
Maxbak==^d60			;maximum
Stdbak==^d15			;standard

Minpgs==^d25			;minimum page size
Maxpgs==^d120			;maximum page size
Stdpgs==^d52			;standard

Minlet==0			;minimum size of letterhead
Maxlet==^d60			;maximum size
Stdlet==^d0			;standard

Minshr==1			;minimum shrink value
Maxshr==^d30			;maximum shrink value
Stdshr==^d10			;standard

Minsch==^d100			;minumum number of characters between saves
Stdsch==^d200			;standard number of characters

Tabdef==^d8			;default tab spacing
Subttl	CMD program storage

;Load the proper symbol file and subroutines

Search CMD

;Symbols for buffer lengths

Cmdbln==:500			;length of command line buffer
Atmbln==:100			;length of atom buffer
Cjfnln==:20			;length of gtjfn block
Cmdpln==:200			;amount of stack we can save

;Comnd jsys storage for CMD program

Cmdbuf::block	cmdbln		;command buffer
Cmdacs::block	20		;saved acs from beginning of command line
Atmbuf::block	atmbln		;atom buffer
Sbk::	block	20		;comnd jsys state block
Cjfnbk::block	cjfnln		;gtjfn block for comnd jsys
Repara::block	1		;reparse address
Cmdfrm::block	1		;marks bottom of stack
Cmdpdl::block	cmdpln		;room to save pdl
Subttl	Storage

;Internal storage, used by VDT

Intern	Line,Col,Maxlin,Toplin,Hghlin,Buf,Maxcol,Mincol,Backup,Tabwid,Savep
Intern	Schar,Spare,Indent,Tjfn,Length,Width,Ijfn,Ojfn,Tiw,Ccoc,Tabs,Intblk
Intern	Pagsiz,Savbuf,Savnum,Lethed,Flink,Pat,Chrnum,Chrcnt,Numsch
Intern	Pghead,Pagnum,Repstr,Replen,Lstspc,Hyphen,Sfirst
Intern	Intacs,Intstk,Expert,Xpncol,Funct,Value,Prog,Cipher,Mod2,Filtab
Intern	Fstlin,Inplin,Outlin,Scrval,Ctrlcv,Strpag,Shrink
Intern	Autopg,Hardpg,Currpg,Bfrcnt,Chrptr,Jbuf,Vt102

Integer	Line,Col,Toplin,Hghlin,Buf
Integer	Schar,Tjfn,Length,Width,Maxlin,Ijfn,Ojfn,Savep
Integer	Chrnum,Chrcnt,Savjfn,Savhan
Integer	Pagnum,Replen,Lstspc,Outflg,Sfirst
Integer	Value,Typlab,Typrem,Typred,Savtab
Integer	Fstlin,Inplin,Outlin
Integer	Hardpg,Currpg,Bfrcnt,Chrptr
Integer	Outbyt

;Special storage not cleared on startup

Savnum:	block	1		;Q-register line counter
Savbuf:	block	3200		;Q-register storage for 100(10 lines
Pdl:	block	stksiz		;stack pointer

;Beginning of storage cleared on startup

Dojfn:	block	1
Tiw:	block	2
Ccoc:	block	2
Tabs:	block	3
Intblk:	block	3
Intacs:	block	20
Pghead:	block	20
Autos:	block	30
Intstk:	block	50
Jbuf:	block	2000		;Justification buffer
Funct:	block	660
Pat:	block	121		;Do not alter order of pat to flink
Repstr:	block	21
Flink:	block	121
Spare:	block	600
Savstk:	block	stksiz
;Beginning of switch storage

Strtsw:				;Start of switch locations
Numsch:	block	1
Backup:	block	1
Cipher:	block	1
Ctrlcv:	block	1
Xpncol:	block	1
Expert:	block	1
Filtab:	block	1
Indent:	block	1
Lethed:	block	1
Maxcol:	block	1
Mincol:	block	1
Mod2:	block	1
Hyphen:	block	1
Strpag:	block	1
Pagsiz:	block	1
Autopg:	block	1
Prog:	block	1
Recovr:	block	1
Scrval:	block	1
Shrink:	block	1
Tabwid:	block	1
VT102:	block	1

;Storage for duplicate values

	offset==:extra-strtsw	;offset between
	block	offset+1	;storage

;Now put the storage here so the inpure data is contiguous/contained within
;page zero.

Xlist				;but don't show the expansion
List				;restore normal mode after VAR
Subttl	CMD program definition blocks

Fspec:	flddb.	(.cmfil,cm%sdh,,<Name of file to edit or create>)
Cspec:	flddb.	(.cmcfm,cm%sdh,,<CR to end line>,,sspec)	;CR or switch
C3spec:	flddb.	(.cmcfm,,,,,s2spec)		;CR or output switch
C4spec:	flddb.	(.cmcfm)			;CR only
C5spec:	flddb.	(.cmcfm,cm%sdh,,<CR to end line>,,cmspec)
Cmspec:	flddb.	(.cmcma,,,,,sspec)		;comma
Tspec:	flddb.	(.cmnum,cm%sdh,12,<Column for tab setting>)	;tab settings
Sspec:	flddb.	(.cmswi,,swttab) 		;Switch
S2spec:	flddb.	(.cmswi,,swttb2)		;output switch table
Nspec:	flddb.	(.cmnum,cm%sdh,12,<Switch value>)	;Switch value
Fnspec:	flddb.	(.cmkey,,funtab,<function name,>)	;which function
Qspec:	flddb.	(.cmqst,cm%sdh,,<function in quotes>)	;function
Kspec:	flddb.	(.cmkey,,restab)		;keyword table
Nospec:	flddb.	(.cmkey,,notab,<switch to turn off,>)	;no table
Typspc:	flddb.	(.cmfld,cm%sdh,,<type of file to be used>) ;label to find
Grbspc:	flddb.	(.cmtxt)			;eat till end of line
Comspc:	flddb.	(.cmcma)			;read a coma
Ynspec:	flddb.	(.cmkey,cm%sdh,yntab,<Yes or no>)	;yes or no
Jnkspc:	fldbk.	(.cmfld,,,,,[
		brmsk. (fldb0.,fldb1.,fldb2.,fldb3.,<,>,</>)])
						 ;read text & comas
;Switch table

	F%sec==cm%fw!cm%inv	;secrecy flags
	F%nvx==1b8		;no value test flag
	F%spx==1b9		;special handling required
	F%spc==cm%fw!f%spx	;special handling
	F%nov==cm%fw!f%nvx	;no value
	Define	t(swt,loc,flgs),<
	ifb <flgs>,<xwd [asciz\swt\],loc>
	ifnb <flgs>,<xwd [flgs

;COMND tables

Swttab:	xwd	swtlen,swtlen		;length
	t Autosave:,numsch		;autosave character count
	t Backup:,backup		;backup maximum
	t Cipher:,cipher		;cipher code
	t Controls,ctrlcv,f%sec!f%nov	;convert control characters
	t Expand,xpncol,f%nov		;expansion of margins allowed
	t Expert,expert,f%nov		;expert mode
	t Filetab,filtab,f%nov		;file tabs for output
	t Function:,,f%spc	;function spec
	t Indent:,indent		;indention
	t Letterhead:,lethed		;size of letterhead
	t Maximum:,maxcol		;maximum column
	t Minimum:,mincol,f%sec		;minimum column (supressed on list)
	t Model2,mod2,f%nov		;model 2 viewpoint in use
	t No,wp.nos,f%spc		;no keyword
	t Nohyphen,hyphen,f%nov		;no hyphen continuation
	t Number:,strpag,f%sec		;starting page number
	t Pagesize:,pagsiz		;page size
	t Paginate,Autopg,f%nov  	;auto paging
	t Program,prog,f%nov		;writing program instead of text
	t Recover,recovr,f%nov		;recovering from autosave file
	t Scroll:,scrval		;scrolling amount
	t Search,sfirst,f%nov		;enter with search mode
	t Settabs:,,f%spc		;tab settings
	t Shrink:,shrink		;margin shrink value
	t Tabs:,tabwid			;tab settings
	t Type:,wp.typ,f%spc		;type of file to be edited
	t VT102,vt102,f%nov		;VT102 code

;Table of entries to follow keyword "no"

Notab:	xwd	nolen,nolen
	t Controls,ctrlcv,f%sec		;no controls
	t Expand,xpncol			;no expand
	t Expert,expert			;no expert
	t Filetab,filtab		;no filetabs
	t Model2,mod2			;no model2
	t Paginate,autopg		;no paginate
	t Program,prog			;no program
	t Recover,recovr		;no recover
	t VT102,vt102			;no VT102

;Table of output switches

Swttb2:	xwd	swtln2,swtln2
	t Cipher:,cipher		;cipher the output text
	t Controls,ctrlcv		;convert "^" to control's
	t Filetab,filtab		;convert spaces to tabs
	t Nocontrols,-3			;don't convert controls
	t Nofiletab,-2			;don't convert spaces to tabs
	t Number:,strpag		;starting page number

;Yes or no decision

Yntab:	xwd	2,2			;two choices
	t No,0				;don't do it
	t Yes,1				;go for it!
;Special function block for output file

Ofun:	fld(.cmfil,cm%fnc)	;output file spec
	0			;data for function
	0			;help text
	0			;default text

;RSCAN entry keyword block

Restab:	xwd	reslen,reslen
	t CREATE,-1		;create command
	t EDIT,1		;edit command
	t START,0		;Start same as wpsim
	t WPSIM,0		;WPSIM command

;Table of function switches

Funtab:	xwd	funlen,funlen
	t	1,1		;function 1
	t	2,2
	t	3,3
	t	4,4
	t	5,5
	t	6,6
	t	A,7
	t	B,10
	t	C,11
	t	D,12
	t	E,13
	t	F,14
	t	G,15
	t	H,16
	t	I,17
	t	J,20
Subttl	Program start

;Initialize the terminal, initialize the storage, ask for a startup file name.

Wpsim:	setzm	savnum		;clear Q-registers on startup

;Entry point from continue command
Wps.x:	reset%
	stack	pdl		;storage
	call	cmdini		;initialize cmd routine
	call	setstg		;set up the storage
	move	a,[sixbit .WPSIM.]	;set system and private names
	move	b,a

;First look for a WPSIM.INI file
	movei	p2,1
	seto	p1,		;make sure p1 is non-zero
	getjfn	asc<WPSIM.INI>	;get a jfn from dsk:, then login:
	 jumpe	a,noini		;no file
	movem	a,p1		;save the jfn
	movem	a,typrem	;save it for later too
	movx	b,fld(7,of%bsz)!of%rd
	openf%			;open the file
	 ssterr	(<Can't open the INI file>,JUMP,noini)
	hrl	a,p1		;get the jfn
	hrri	a,.nulio	;output from editing
	movem	a,sbk+1		;store as new jfn pair
	setz	a,		;no prompt
	call	dpromp
	jrst	wps.b		;now go get any switches
;Here if there was no ini file, or after it was processed

Clsini:	setzm	typred		;no type specified any more
	setzm	typrem		;let type know we had an error
	call	cmdini		;re-initialize cmd buffers
	skipg	a,p1		;get the jfn
	 jrst	noini		;invalid jfn
	closf%			;close the file

Noini:	setz	p1,		;done with ini file
	move	a,tabwid	;get tab setting
	movem	a,savtab	;and save it
	setzm	cjfnbk+.gjdev	;zero any old default file part pointers
	setzm	cjfnbk+.gjdir
	setzm	cjfnbk+.gjnam
	setzm	cjfnbk+.gjext
	move	a,[.priin,,.priou]	;regular jfns
	movem	a,sbk+1		;set them up
	setz	a,		;no prompt
	call	dpromp		;set up the line
	movei	a,.rsini	;rescan function
	rscan%			;do it
	 jrst	noi.b		;can't
	movei	a,.rscnt	;count chars left
	rscan%			;get them
	 setz	a,		;no characters
	jumpe	a,noi.b		;nothing left to read
	movei	a,kspec		;keyword table
	call	rflde		;read it
	 jrst	noi.a		;doesn't match
	hrre	t1,(b)		;get function code
	noise	<file>		;optional noise

;Check for WPSIM keyword
	seto	p2,		;flag that we're rescanning
	jumpe	t1,noi.c	;wpsim command is like regular line
	jumpl	t1,creat	;create if -1
	move	a,[-1,,[asciz .WPS.]]
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjext	;preferred extension
	movx	a,gj%old	;old file
	movem	a,cjfnbk	;set flag

Wpswps:	movei	a,[flddb. .cmfil]	;regular file
	call	rflde		;read it
	 jrst	[jumpe	t1,noi.a	;;exit if second pass
		 setz	t1,	;;clear counter for second pass
		 setzm	cjfnbk	;;try any file now
		 jrst	wpswps]	;;and try second time
	move	t2,b		;store jfn
	move	a,b		;copy it
	movx	b,of%rd		;read access
	openf%			;try to read it
	 erjmp	[movem	t2,dojfn	;;default output jfn
		 jrst	endlin]		;;finish up the line
	txo	a,co%nrj	;don't release jfn
	closf%			;close file
	 jfcl			;ignore errors

Wpsed1:	movem	t2,ijfn		;save the input jfn
	move	b,t2		;copy the jfn for jfns
	hrroi	a,typlab	;point to the type storage area
	movx	c,js%typ	;return the file type
	jfns%			;of the input file
	setzm	typred		;default type is being used
	noise	<output as>	;the optional noise
;Now see if there is an output file

Creat:	move	a,[-1,,[asciz .WPS.]]
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjext	;preferred extension
	movx	a,gj%fou	;output
	movem	a,cjfnbk	;set as jfn flag
	movei	a,[flddb. .cmfil,,,,,c4spec]
	call	rflde		;get output spec
	 jrst	noi.a		;can't
	hrrz	a,c		;get table used
	cain	a,c4spec	;confirm?
	 jrst	wp.cr1		;yes, done
	movem	b,ojfn		;save jfn
Endlin:	movei	a,c4spec	;confirm
	call	rflde		;get it
	 jrst	noi.a		;can't
	skipn	b,ojfn		;output jfn exist?
	 move	b,dojfn		;get default output jfn
	hrroi	a,typlab	;point to the type storage area
	movx	c,js%typ	;return the file type
	jfns%			;of the input file
	setzm	typred		;default type is being used
	jrst	wp.cr1		;done

;Here to swallow up the rest of the defective command line

Noi.a:	movei	a,.rscnt	;count of characters remaining
	rscan%			;read them
	 erjmp	noi.b		;can't
	jumpe	a,noi.b		;if none left, don't read them in
	movei	a,.priin	;input device
	setz	b,		;to nowhere
	movei	c,300		;max chars
	movei	d,12		;end on a line feed
	sin%			;read in the line
;Here to read a command line starting with a file

Noi.b:	setz	p2,		;now in interactive mode
	call	prmpt		;initialize the prompt
	hrroi	a,[asciz .>>.]	;set up the prompt
	call	dpromp

Noi.c:	setzm	tabwid		;no tabs set yet
	setzm	ojfn		;clear output jfn
	setzm	dojfn		;and default output jfn
	setzm	ijfn		;and clear input file jfn
	setzm	cjfnbk+.gjext	;no preferred extension yet

	move	a,[.priin,,.priou] ;I/O from/to terminal now
	movem	a,sbk+1		;let COMND know it
	movx	a,gj%old	;old file
	movem	a,cjfnbk	;set flag
	seto	t1,		;set first time flag

Wps.a:	movei	a,fspec		;filespec
	call	rflde		;read it
	  setzm	cjfnbk		;any file type now
	  move	a,[-1,,[asciz .WPS.]]
	  movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjext	;preferred extension
	  tdze	t1,t1		;are we on the first pass?
	   jrst	wps.a		;no, try again
	  jumpn	p2,noi.b	;on rescan line, now talk to user
	  jrst	errchk		;already talking to user, type error msg
	move	t2,b		;store jfn
	move	a,b		;copy it
	movx	b,of%rd		;read access
	openf%			;try to read it
	 erjmp	[movem	t2,dojfn	;;default output jfn
		 jrst	wps.a1]		;;now get switches
	txo	a,co%nrj	;don't release jfn
	closf%			;close file
	 jfcl			;ignore errors
	movem	t2,ijfn		;store input jfn

;Now set the proper file type switches

Wps.a1:	move	b,t2		;copy jfn
	hrroi	a,typlab	;label type
	movx	c,js%typ	;type only
	jfns%			;get info
	setzm	typred		;default type being used

;Here to parse switches on iterations after first

Wps.b:	movei	a,cspec		;switch or cr
	call	readfl		;read the field, correctly
	hrrz	a,c		;get table
	cain	a,sspec		;switch?
	 jrst	wp.swi		;yes
	cain	a,cspec		;<cr>?
	 jrst	wp.crf		;yes
	jumpe	p1,cmderr	;command error if interactive
	jrst	inierr		;no, it's an ini file error
;Process a switch

Wp.swi:	hrrz	t1,(b)		;get the switch address
	movei	a,nspec		;parse a number next
	hlrz	t2,(b)		;get the flag word
	move	t2,(t2)
	txne	t2,77b6		;are bits 0-6 clear?
	 jrst	wp.sw1		;no, so no switches in place
	txne	t2,f%spx	;special handling?
	 jrst	(t1)		;yes, dispatch to proper routine
	txnn	t2,f%nvx	;yes, is novalue switch set?
Wp.sw1:	 call	readfl		;no, read the field
Wp.sw2:	movem	b,(t1)		;store the value
	skipg	p2		;on interactive or rescan pass?
	 movem	b,offset(t1)	;yes, copy the value
	jrst	wps.b		;get the next

;Here for keyword NO

Wp.nos:	movei	a,nospec	;get pointer to no table
	call	readfl		;read the no keyword
	hrrz	t1,(b)		;get the address
	setzm	(t1)		;clear the flag
	skipg	p2		;on interactive or rescan pass?
	 setzm	offset(t1)	;yes, also set copy word
	jrst	wps.b		;do next command
;Here are the /type:label routines

;Here to parse a type of file:
Wp.typ:	movei	a,typspc	;trying to read a file type
	call	readfl		;read the type
	setzm	typlab		;zero our storage
	move	a,[point 7,atmbuf] ;point to the type
	move	b,[point 7,typlab] ;and the storage for it
	movei	c,47		;move 47 characters
	setz	d,		;or up to a null
	sin%			;from the atom buffer into our storage
	skipn	typlab		;did we read a type?
	 pbgerr	<? No type specified,JRST,cmder1>
	setom	typred		;remember that the user specified the type
	jrst	wps.b		;do the next command
;Here to find the type in the INI file, if appropriate:
Typchk:	skipn	t1,typlab	;do we have a type to search for?
	 ret			;no, nothing to do then
	skipn	typrem		;do we have a JFN on the INI file?
	 ret			;no, must have been an error, just return
	pop	p,a		;clean the stack
	hrl	a,typrem	;redirect input to the INI file
	hrri	a,.nulio	;output nowhere
	movem	a,sbk+1		;let COMND know it

;Loop to find the correct label in the INI file:
Typc.a:	movei	a,typspc	;try to find the type in the INI file
	call	rflde		;by reading the INI file line by line
	 ifnsk.			;here for error
	 move	a,[.priin,,.priou] ;redirect I/O
	 movem	a,sbk+1		;and let COMND know
	 skipn	typred		;was this specified in a type switch?
	  ifskp.		;,yes, here if a type was specified
	  setzm	typred		;clear our type-read flag
	  setzm	typlab		;don't come back here
	  type	<% No such type found in your WPSIM.INI file>
	  endif.		;proceed
	 jrst	wp.cr2		;no, just continue
	 endif.			;end of error clause
	move	a,[point 7,atmbuf] ;point to the string just read
	move	b,[point 7,typlab] ;and the test string
	stcmp%			;compare them
	skipe	a		;are they the same?
	 ifskp.			;yes
	 setzm	typlab		;don't come back here
	 movei	a,jnkspc	;clear the buffer of any extraneous labels
	 call	rfield		;so that only switches are left on the line
	 jrst	wps.b		;go read the switches
	 endif.			;end of yes clause

;Here if the label just read didn't match the one we're looking for:
	movei	a,comspc	;now see if there is another label on the line
	call	rflde		;by looking for a coma
	 skipa			;didn't find a coma:  no other label here
	jrst	typc.a		;found one, read the label
	movei	a,grbspc	;no, read the rest of the current line
	call	cfield		;because it is garbage
	jrst	typc.a		;and look at the next line
;Here if a function to parse	movei	a,fnspec	;function code next
	call	readfl		;read the function number
	hrrz	t1,(b)		;get function offset
	imuli	t1,30		;thirty words per function
	movei	a,qspec		;quoted string
	call	readfl		;read to the quotes
	hrroi	a,atmbuf	;point to string
	hrroi	b,funct(t1)	;point to destination
	movei	c,^D119		;max number of chars
	setz	d,		;end on a null
	sin%			;transfer it
	dpb	d,b		;end with a null
	jrst	wps.b		;get next switch
;Here to parse input fields and allow for errors in ini file

Readfl:	call	rflde		;read, allow error return
	 caia			;error, skip
	ret			;return
	pop	p,a		;otherwise pop off the return
Errchk:	jumpn	p2,inierr	;if not interactive, type special message
	jumpe	p1,cmderr	;if interactive, use standard msg

;Here to print out fancy error messages for INI file handling

Inierr:	skipl	p2		;negative means command, skip
	 print	asc<%P Illegal switch in WPSIM.INI file: >
	skipg	p2		;positive means ini file, skip
	 print	asc<%P Illegal switch in command line: >
	movei	a,.priou	;output
	move	b,sbk+.cmptr	;pointer to text buffer
	movei	c,50		;length to output
	setz	d,		;or stop on a null
	sout%			;type it
	type	<>		;end with cr
	jumpl	p2,noi.a	;if command line, go there
	jrst	clsini		;close the ini file.
Subttl	Tab handling

;Here to set variable spaced tabs.  Format is /SETTABS:5,10,20,45...	movx	a,1b0		;get a word with bit 0 set
	movem	a,tabs		;always a tab at position zero
	setzm	tabs+1		;clear all words
	setzm	tabs+2
	setom	tabwid		;say that we've set the tabs already
	jrst	sett.b		;get first tab value

Sett.a:	movei	a,c5spec	;tab specification
	call	readfl		;get the proper field
	hrrz	a,c		;get table used
	cain	a,c5spec	;confirm?
	 jrst	wp.crf		;yes
	cain	a,sspec		;switch?
	 jrst	wp.swi		;yes

;Here to read in the tab setting value

Sett.b:	movei	a,tspec		;get value
	call	readfl		;read it
	sojl	b,sett.a	;too low, try again
	caile	b,^d79		;test too high
	 jrst	sett.a		;too high
	adjbp	b,[point 1,tabs]	;get pointer to proper bit
	seto	a,		;set to ones
	idpb	a,b		;set the stop
	jrst	sett.a		;and do the next
Subttl	Main processing, input file specification done

;Check the limits specified for switches and default them if out of bounds.

Wp.crf:	jumpn	p1,noini	;if P1 nonzero, we've just done the INI file
Wp.cr1:	movei	p2,1		;on type checking pass
	call	typchk		;check if we need to process a type switch

;Copy the command line switches over the typchk values
Wp.cr2:	move	t1,[iowd offset,strtsw+1]
	skipl	a,offset(t1)	;got a command line value?
	 movem	a,(t1)		;yes, reset over original
	aobjn	t1,.-2		;do for all switches

	hrrz	a,typrem	;get the INI file JFN
	closf%			;close it
	 jfcl			;ignoring errors
	setom	currpg		;no page breaks on current screen
	move	a,[.priin,,.priou] ;redirect I/O to the TTY
	movem	a,sbk+1		;and let COMND know about it
	move	a,savtab	;none, get ini file setting
	skipn	tabwid		;get width
	 movem	a,tabwid	;reset the setting
	skipl	tabwid		;tabs need setting?
	 call	deftab		;yes, do it
	skipl	a,indent	;get indention
	caile	a,maxind	;check against maximum
	 movei	a,stdind	;load the standard
	movem	a,indent	;save it
	skipn	a,maxcol	;maximum column
	 movei	a,stdmax	;get standard
	cail	a,minmax	;too small?
	caile	a,maxmax	;or too large?
	 movei	a,maxmax	;set the standard
	movem	a,maxcol	;save it
	camn	a,mincol	;same as mincol?
	 jrst	.+3		;yes, don't change minimum
	subi	a,4		;offset to minimum
	movem	a,mincol	;set minimum too
	caml	a,backup	;larger than backup?
	 move	a,backup	;no, get backup maximum
	cail	a,minbak	;too small?
	caile	a,maxbak	;or too large?
	 movei	a,stdbak	;load the standard
	movem	a,backup	;save it
	move	a,pagsiz	;get page size
	cail	a,minpgs	;too small?
	caile	a,maxpgs	;or too large?
	 movei	a,stdpgs	;load the standard
	movem	a,pagsiz	;and set it up
	movei	a,defmxl	;get default maximum lines
	movem	a,maxlin	;store it

;Continued on next page
;Continued from previous page

	move	a,lethed	;get letterhead size
	cail	a,minlet	;too small?
	caile	a,maxlet	;or too large?
	 movei	a,stdlet	;yes, set the default
	movem	a,lethed	;set it up
	move	b,shrink	;get shrink size
	movm	a,shrink	;get shrink size magnitude
	cail	a,minshr	;too small?
	caile	a,maxshr	;or too large?
	 movei	b,stdshr	;yes, set the default
	movem	b,shrink	;set it up
	skipn	a,scrval	;get number of lines to scroll
	 movei	a,stdscr	;none set, use standard
	caig	a,minscr	;too small?
	 movei	a,minscr	;yes, set minimum
	caile	a,maxscr	;or too large?
	 movei	a,maxscr	;yes, set max
	movem	a,scrval	;set it
	skipn	a,numsch	;number of characters between saves
	ifskp.			;non-zero, test it
	  caig	a,minsch	;too small?
	   movei a,stdsch	;yes, reset the standard
	  movem	a,numsch	;set it up
	  movem	a,chrcnt	;set up the character count
	skipn	prog		;programming?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  movei	a,maxmax	;get max column
	  movem	a,maxcol	;store it
	  movem	a,mincol	;also minimum
	  setzm	backup		;clear backup
	  setom	hyphen		;no hyphenation
;Check to make sure we're not editing a backup file

	skipn	b,ijfn		;input file?
	 jrst	wp.cf0		;nope
	hrroi	a,autos		;string here
	movx	c,js%nam!js%typ!js%paf	;name and type
	jfns%			;get info
	hrroi	a,autos
	hrroi	b,asc<WPSIM-BACKUP.WPS>
	stcmp%			;compare them
	jumpn	a,wp.cf0	;not the same
	type	<
% You're not supposed to be editing this file, so I'll assume that you're
  trying to recover some lost work.  Next time, please use /RECOVER instead.>
	movei	a,^D7000	;7 second wait
	move	a,ijfn		;get input
	rljfn%			;yes, release it
	 erjmp	.+1		;forget it
	setzm	ijfn		;no input file
	movx	a,gj%sht!gj%fou	;new generation
	hrroi	b,asc<Recovered-file.wps>
	gtjfn%			;get a jfn
	 dblerr	(<Can't open recovery file>,EXIT)
	movem	a,dojfn		;save it as default
	setom	recovr		;turn on recovery
;Check to see if we are in recovery code

Wp.cf0:	skipn	recovr		;recovery code?
	 jrst	wp.cf1		;nope
	skipn	a,ijfn		;input file?
	ifskp.			;yup, must be an output file instead
	  hrroi	a,autos		;where to put it
	  movx	c,js%dev!js%dir!js%nam!js%typ!js%paf
	  setz	a,		;no input file soon
	  exch	a,ijfn		;get the jfn
	   jfcl			;can't
	  movx	a,gj%sht!gj%fou	;new file
	  hrroi	b,autos		;name to use
	  gtjfn%		;get it
	   setz	a,		;can't
	  movem	a,dojfn		;default output

	getjfn	2,asc<WPSIM-BACKUP.WPS>	;get a jfn on an output file
	 jumpe	a,[error(<No recovery file found>,EXIT)]
	move	p1,a		;store the jfn
	movx	b,of%rd		;read 36 bit bytes
	openf%			;open it
	 ssterr	(<Unable to open recovery file>,EXIT)
	bpm36	b,datadr	;36 bit pointer to data section
	movni	c,defmxl*20	;get number of words allowed
	sin%			;read in the string
	 erjmp	.+1		;always expect an error
	hrrz	t1,b		;get memory address of byte pointer
	subi	t1,datadr	;get offset
	idivi	t1,20		;get the line number
	aoj	t1,		;bump it
	movem	t1,hghlin	;store highest line
	move	a,p1		;get jfn back
	closf%			;close the file
	 jfcl			;ignore errors

;Here we set up the saver fork for asyncronous file saving

Wp.cf1:	skipn	numsch		;are we in autosave mode?
	 jrst	wp.cf3		;no
	getjfn	4,asc<WPSIM-BACKUP.WPS>	;find an output file
	 jumpe	a,[prgerr(<Unable to initiate AUTOSAVE>,JUMP,wp.cf2)]
	movem	a,savjfn	;save the jfn
	movei	a,saver		;address of saver routine
	txo	a,cr%map!cr%cap!cr%st	;start it up with same pages
	cfork%			;create a fork
	 ssterr	(<Unable to initiate AUTOSAVE feature>,JUMP,wp.cf2)
	movem	a,savhan	;save the handle
	jrst	wp.cf3		;skip over the zeroing

;Here if we had a problem initiating

Wp.cf2:	setzm	numsch		;number of characters set to zero
;If we have an input file, load it into memory

Wp.cf3:	call	initrm##	;initialize the terminal
	movei	a,datadr	;store location of data
	movem	a,buf		;in buffer address
	skipn	a,ijfn		;get jfn
	 jrst	wp.cf4		;wasn't one
	movx	b,fld(7,of%bsz)!of%rd
	skipe	cipher		;are we ciphering?
	 movx	b,of%rd		;yes, so open in 36-bit mode
	openf%			;open the file
	 ssterr	(<Unable to open input file>,EXIT)
	skipe	xpncol		;expanding columns?
	 setom	xpncol		;yes, set to minus one as flag
	call	fill##		;there was one
	 jrst	[call	restrm	;failure, restore mode
		 jrst	wp.o2]	;and exit from program
	setzm	cipher		;clear the cipher word
	skipg	xpncol		;did we expand columns?
	 jrst	wp.cf4		;nope
	skipe	expert		;expert mode?
	 jrst	wp.c3a		;yes, no message
	typncr	<% Expanding right margin to >
	numout	xpncol		;type number
	type			;end the line
	movei	a,^d1500	;wait time
	disms%			;allow message to be read
Wp.c3a:	move	a,xpncol	;get new column
	movem	a,maxcol	;set it
	jrst	wp.cf5		;jump further on

;Tell user about a default output file being created

Wp.cf4:	skipn	b,dojfn		;default jfn available?
	 jrst	wp.cf5		;nope
	typncr	<% Creating new file >
	movei	a,.priou	;output
	setz	c,		;regular form
	jfns%			;type it out
	type			;end with cr
	movei	a,^d1500	;1.5 seconds
	disms%			;wait for it to be read

;Here when we're not concerned about margins
;Call the routine which does the work

Wp.cf5:	setzm	line		;clear line and col
	setzm	col
	call	gettxt##	;get the text
	 prgerr	(<File has grown too large>,CONT)	;unlikely error

;Reset the terminal and translate the file

	call	restrm##	;original state
Subttl	Process the output

;Load an output specification and send the data.  Default the output
;file to the next generation of the input file, if there was one.

Wp.out:	setzm	ofun+3		;no default at present
	movx	t1,cm%dpp	;default pointer supplied
	andcam	t1,ofun		;start with it turned off
        movx	a,gj%fou      	;output file
	movem	a,cjfnbk	;store flag
	move	a,[-1,,[asciz .WPS.]]
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjext	;preferred extension
	skipn	b,dojfn		;check for default
	 move	b,ijfn		;if not use input
	jumpe	b,wp.o0		;nothing specified
	movem	b,dojfn		;set default
	setzm	ofun+3		;no default specified here
	setz 	t1,		;create a null byte
	hrroi	a,spare		;point to the spare buffer
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjdev	;that's the start of the default list
	move	b,dojfn		;get the input JFN
	movx	c,js%dev	;the device it was on
	jfns%			;write it to the buffer, as default
	idpb	t1,a		;write a null
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjdir	;store the new pointer to the default directory
	movx	c,js%dir	;the directory name
	jfns%			;write it to spare
	idpb	t1,a		;write out a null
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjnam	;store the pointer as one for file name
	movx	c,js%nam	;the file's name
	jfns%			;write it to space too
	idpb	t1,a		;write a null
	movem	a,cjfnbk+.gjext	;store the pointer for the extension
	movx	c,js%typ	;the file type
	jfns%			;return it to spare
	movx	a,co%nrj	;keep the JFN
	hrr	a,dojfn		;get input JFN
	skipe	ijfn		;skip if there is none
	closf%			;close it
	 jfcl			;ignore error there
Wp.o0:	skipe	ojfn		;is there a jfn?
	 jrst	wp.o1b		;yes
;Get a jfn on the output file

Wp.o1:	skipn	b,dojfn		;default output file
	 jrst	wp.o1z		;none
	print	b,asc<%C(%J)>	;type file info
Wp.o1z: prompt	<Output file: >
	movei	a,ofun		;output file function block
	call	rfield		;get and confirm jfn
	movem	b,ojfn		;save it

;Now process any switches

Wp.o1a:	movei	a,c3spec	;CR or switch
	call	rfield		;get field
	hrrz	a,c		;get table used
	cain	a,c3spec	;a cr?
	 jrst	wp.o1b		;yes
	hrrz	b,(b)		;get the address
	caie	b,-2		;is is the nofiletab switch?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  setzm	filtab		;clear filetab flag
	  jrst	wp.o1a		;and continue
	caie	b,-3		;is is the nocontrols switch?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  setzm	ctrlcv		;clear controls flag
	  jrst	wp.o1a		;and continue
	caie	b,strpag	;is it the number flag?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  movei	a,nspec		;get a number
	  call	rfield		;read the field
	  movem	b,strpag	;and store it
	  jrst	wp.o1a		;and continue
	caie	b,cipher	;is it the cipher flag?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  movei	a,nspec		;get a number
	  call	rfield		;read the field
	  movem	b,cipher	;and store it
	  setom	(b)		;set switch value
	jrst	wp.o1a		;and loop for all switches
;Here when the line is confirmed

Wp.o1b:	move	a,ojfn		;get it
	movx	b,fld(7,of%bsz)!of%wr	;write access
	skipe	cipher		;ciphering?
	 movx	b,of%wr		;yes, use 36-bit mode
	openf%			;open the file
	 erjmp	wp.o3		;can't
	skipe	outflg		;have we converted before?
	 jrst	wp.o1c		;yes, never do it twice!
	movei	a,datadr-1000	;address for output string
	call	unfill##	;translate the buffer to text
	movem	d,outbyt	;save output byte pointer
	setom	outflg		;set the outflg switch

;Jump here if we've called the UNFILL routine already
Wp.o1c:	move	a,ojfn		;get jfn again
	bpm36	b,datadr-1000	;the string address
	movn	c,hghlin	;get number of lines
	soj	c,		;bump the count to account for line 0
	imuli	c,20		;convert to number of words
	skipe	cipher		;but check for ciphering
	ifskp.			;we aren't ciphering
	  hrros	b		;clear the byte pointer
	  hllz	t1,outbyt	;get byte pointer from unfill
	  hrrz	c,outbyt	;get word pointed at
	  subi	c,datadr-1000	;number of words converted
	  imuli	c,5		;characters per word
	  movns	c		;negate
	  hrlzi	t2,-6		;aobjn pointer
	  came	t1,ptrtab##(t2)	;check pointer
	  aobjn	t2,.-1		;loop until found
	  subi	c,-1(t2)	;add characters in last word
	sout%			;do it
	 erjmp	wp.o4		;can't output

Wp.o1d:	move	a,ojfn		;restore jfn
	txo	a,co%nrj	;don't release jfn
	closf%			;close the file
	 erjmp	wp.o5		;can't
	seto	a,		;all JFN's
	rljfn%			;release them
	 jfcl			;ignore errors

;Cancel the saver fork activities

	skipn	numsch		;are we saving?
	 jrst	wp.o2		;nope
	move	a,savhan	;get fork handle
	kfork%			;kill it
	move	a,savjfn	;get output file
	rljfn%			;release the jfn
	 jfcl			;ignore errors

Wp.o2:	haltf%			;done
	jrst	wps.x		;if continued
;Type out the reason behind an open or close failure

Wp.o3:	move	a,ojfn		;get jfn
	print	a,asc<%QUnable to open file %J -- %E%C>
	rljfn%			;release it
	 erjmp	.+1		;can't, ignore
	jrst	wp.o6

Wp.o4:	move	a,ojfn		;get jfn
	print	a,asc<%QUnable to write to file %J -- %E%C>
	txo	a,cz%abt	;abort close
	closf%			;close the file
	 jfcl			;ignore errors
	jrst	wp.o6		;and try again

Wp.o5:	move	a,ojfn		;get jfn
	print	a,asc<%QUnable to close file %J -- %E%C>
	txo	a,cz%abt	;abort close
	closf%			;close the file
	 jfcl			;ignore errors
	jrst	wp.o1		;and try again

Wp.o6:	skipl	outflg		;been here?
	 jrst	wp.o1		;yup, don't repeat messages
	hrrzs	outflg		;make -1 become positive
	movei	a,.fhslf	;this fork
	hrrz	a,b		;get last error code
	caie	a,iox34		;disk full?
	ifskp.			;yes
	  type	<% The entire disk is full.  There is nothing you can do but
  keep trying occasionally and wait for space to appear.>
	  jrst	wp.o1		;done
	caie	a,iox11		;quota exceeded?
	 jrst	wp.o1		;nope, don't tamper
	gjinf%			;get connected dir
	movem	b,t2		;save it for later
	print	b,asc<%C  You are connected to %U.%C>
	prompt	<  Shall I expunge deleted files in that area? >
	movei	a,ynspec	;yes or no
	call	cfield		;get answer
	hrrz	t1,(b)		;get value
	jumpe	t1,wp.o1	;no, so don't expunge
	seto	a,		;connected directory
	gtdal%			;get space used
	movem	b,t1		;save it
	move	b,t2		;get connected dir
	setz	a,		;no flags
	deldf%			;expunge
	 erjmp	.+1		;ignore errors
	seto	a,		;connected directory again
	gtdal%			;now get space used
	sub	t1,b		;get difference
	print	t1,asc<  OK, %N pages freed.%C>
	jrst	wp.o1		;try again
Subttl	Setstg - Set up data storage

;Zero all locations here that get used later.  Also zero any pages used for

Setstg:	hrli	a,zbeg		;get beginning of storage
	hrri	a,zbeg+1	;set up blt pointer
	setzm	zbeg		;clear a word
	blt	a,zend		;clear the block

;Now set the extra table to zeros
	move	t1,[iowd offset,extra+1]
	setom	(t1)		;set storage table to -1
	aobjn	t1,.-1		;until done

	setom	indent		;make sure some special words get set
	setom	backup
	setom	lethed
	setom	xpncol		;default expand on
	setom	numsch		;default autosave on
	movei	a,datpag	;get starting page of data area

;Make sure the data area has no left over data from previous run.
Set.a:	hrli	a,.fhslf	;our fork
	rpacs%			;check page access
	txnn	b,pa%pex	;page exists?
	 ret			;no, done
	hrrz	t1,a		;get the page in question
	lsh	t1,11		;turn into a word address
	movei	t2,1(t1)	;get addr+1
	hrl	t2,t1		;make a blt pointer
	setzm	(t1)		;clear the first word
	blt	t2,777(t1)	;and propagate it
	aoja	a,set.a		;loop until we find the last page

;Deftab -- set up the default tabs according to the contents of TABWID.

Deftab:	skipn	a,tabwid	;anything set?
	 movei	a,tabdef	;nope, use default
	setzm	tabs		;clear all existing tabs
	setzm	tabs+1
	setzm	tabs+2
	setz	t1,		;start at zero
	seto	t3,		;deposit from here
	jrst	stt.b		;start by setting position zero

Stt.a:	add	t1,a		;get next stop location
	caile	t1,^d79		;too far?
	 ret			;yes, done
Stt.b:	move	t2,t1		;copy count
	adjbp	t2,[point 1,tabs]	;adjust pointer
	idpb	t3,t2		;store a tab stop
	jrst	stt.a		;do the next
Subttl	Saver - Fork which keeps backup editing copies

;This fork saves the state of the file every NUMSCH characters or once a
;minute at most.

Saver:	reset%
	stack	savstk		;set up a private stack

Sav.a:	skipg	chrcnt		;ready for action yet?
	 jrst	sav.b		;yes
	movei	a,^d60000	;no, load a minute of time
	disms%			;and sleep
	jrst	sav.a		;try again

;Here when we're ready to save

Sav.b:	move	a,savjfn	;get the jfn
	movx	b,of%wr		;write 36-bit bytes
	openf%			;open the file
	 erjmp	nosave		;can't
	movn	c,hghlin	;get highest line
	soj	c,		;bump the count
	imuli	c,20		;convert to words
	bpm36	b,datadr	;point to beginning of data page
	sout%			;send the data
	move	a,savjfn	;get the jfn
	txo	a,co%nrj	;never release it
	closf%			;close the file
	 erjmp	nosave		;if we can't
	move	a,numsch	;get number of chars between saves
	movem	a,chrcnt	;reset the character count
	jrst	sav.a		;and loop

;Here when we've found a problem

Nosave:	bpl	a,<

%%  Error in AUTOSAVE process -- unable to backup current work.
%%  Please type ^L to clear this message off the screen.
%%  (No response to this message is required.)

	psout%			;type the message
	haltf%			;and die
;Prompting routine

Prmpt:	print	asc<WPSIM %V>	;start the version
	hrroi	a,[asciz . -- Please enter name of file to be edited or created:.]
	skipn	expert		;are we experts?
	 psout%			;no, type prompt
	type			;end with a cr
	ret			;return

;end of program

	end	<3,,wpsvec>