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    1 FORMAT(42H This program renumbers and/or lists FORTR,
     139HAN programs.  Commands  typed  by  user/7H consis,
     249Ht  of  name  of output renumbered file and/or nam,
     325He of output listing file,/20H then = and list of ,
     449Hinput files using 80 characters or less per  line,
     512H.   &  or  ,/33H must  terminate  line  if next l,
     648Hine continues command.  Command can be read from/
     749H file if name of file is typed with @.  Extension,
     832Hs .NEW, .LPT, .FOR and .RNB  are)
    2 FORMAT(42H defaults  for  renumbering,  listing,  in,
     139Hput  and command files.  File names can/7H includ,
     249He device and path to 1 SFD level.  If 2  output  ,
     325Hnames  are  given,  comma/20H should  separate th,
     449Hese and switch with at least 1 must imply use.  S,
     512Hwitches have/33H form /letter:number:number where,
     648H numbers are optional.  Title for each page  can/
     749H be  specified between apostrophes and implies th,
     832Hat associated name is of listing/6H file.//4H Fol,
     931Hlowing switches are recognized./)
    3 FORMAT(42H A followed by number of spaces to add lef,
     139Ht of statements in IF THEN block or  in/3X,4HDO l,
     228Hoop.  /A or /A:0 equals /A:1/17H B followed by sm,
     344Hallest statement number in renumbered output/2H C,
     449H column formatted renumbered output with statemen,
     530Ht numbers ending in column  5./3X,12HStatement te,
     625Hxt will start in column 7/20H E followed by numbe,
     749Hr of extra tables of contents.  /E or /E:0 equals,
     85H /E:1/41H F listing device has form feed.  Pages i,
     940Hn listing  will  be  separated  by  form)
    4 FORMAT(3X,39Hfeeds  if  output  is  to  LPT  device.,
     139H  /F can be followed by number of lines/3X,4Hprin,
     240Htable per page.  /F or /F:0 equals /F:60/6H G fol,
     349Hlowed by number of blank lines to be listed betwe,
     426Hen FORTRAN statements.  No/3X,16Hextra blank line,
     549Hs are listed between comment lines.  /G or /G:0 e,
     610Hquals /G:1/35H I followed  by  increment  between,
     746H  statement  numbers  in  renumbered   output./3X,
     849HNegative  increment,  such as specified by /I:-1,,
     929H gives smallest number at end)
    5 FORMAT(3X,39Hof program.  Smallest number will be ab,
     139Hsolute value  of  increment  unless  /B/3X,4Hspec,
     249Hifies non-zero smallest number.  /I or /I:0 equal,
     36Hs /I:1/40H J followed by number of blank lines to ,
     441Hbe at top of 1st, at bottom  of  2nd  and/3X,2Hto,
     549Hp of 3rd pages, etc.  This can be followed by num,
     627Hber of blank lines to be at/3X,15Hbottom of 1st, ,
     749Hat top of 2nd and bottom of 3rd pages, etc.  Thes,
     814He blank  lines)
    6 FORMAT(3X,39Hare  inserted  to  allow  top  binding ,
     139H of  unburst  fanfold paper and must be/3X,4Hincl,
     249Huded in printing line limit specified by /F or /L/
     346H K long lines are to be kept intact in listing/
     449H L pages in listing will be separated by counted ,
     532Hline feeds.  /L can be  followed/3X,10Hby  number,
     649H  of lines printable per page.  This can be follo,
     719Hwed by total number/3X,23Hof lines per page.  /S:,
     849H0 is assumed if /S has not already been  selected,
     96H.   /L/3X,23Hor /L:0 equals /L:60:66)
    7 FORMAT(42H M if issued not followed by a number, old,
     139H statement numbers are maintained.   If/3X,4HM  i,
     249Hs  followed  by  2  numbers,  then  these are low,
     325Hest and highest statement/3X,17Hnumbers to be mod,
     45Hified/41H P followed by first page number in listi,
     527Hng.  /P or /P:0 equals /P:1/18H S followed by num,
     649Hber of characters printable beyond normal right m,
     714Hargin.  Excess/3X,28Hcharacters  are  right  just,
     849Hified  on  following  line.   /S  or /S:0 gives 7,
     91H0/3X,33Hcharacter lines.  /S:13 equals /K)
    8 FORMAT(42H T tab formatted renumbered output.  Tab c,
     136Hharacter will precede statement text/9H U column,
     249H formatted renumbered output with statement numbe,
     323Hrs starting  in  column/3X,19H1.  Statement text ,
     422Hwill start in column 7/23H V listing is to be vie,
     520Hwed on this terminal/25H W followed by width of t,
     649Hab stop columns to  be  used  when  converting  t,
     77Habs  to/3X,36Hspaces  in  comment  lines.   Tabs  ,
     842Hin  comment  lines  are  not  converted in)
    9 FORMAT(3X,39Hrenumbered output unless /W is typed.  ,
     122H/W or /W:0 equals /W:8//22H Listing file is ident,
     249Hified by /E, /F, /G, /J, /K, /L, /P, /S, /V or '.,
     33X,7HDefault/36H options  are  initial  page  number,
     445H  1,  form  feeds,  intact long lines, single/1H ,
     533Hspacing, and 1 table of contents.//11H Renumbered,
     649H output is identified by /B, /C, /I, /M, /T or  /,
     721HU.   Default  options/24H are smallest statement ,
     840Hnumber 1, increment 1 and column format./)