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SNIFF identifies for the user any other detached/interactive jobs
logged in under his/her user number on a DECSystem-20, and gives
the user a(n) (interactive) means of (selectively) disposing of

If the user does have detached job(s), then, for each job, SNIFF
lists the number of the job, the program that the job is running,
and whether the job is the current job (the last job that the
user logged in) or a detached job. Then SNIFF enables the user to
ATTACH to a detached job, to LOGOUT a detached job, or to leave
the detached job(s) in their present state and continue with his
job that is currently logged in.  Several command options are
supported if the user doesn't want to bother with each individual
job but wants to just purge his other jobs from the system.