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To build SNIFF, please use one of the following two "command" files:

   SNIFF.CTL	Batch control file to build SNIFF using SUBMIT
                 command, or

   SNIFF.MIC	MIC file to build SNIFF using DO command


To install SNIFF, just copy SNIFF.EXE to one of the directories specified
in the SYS: logical name.


Sources for SNIFF are in SNIFF.PAS.


Rebuilding SNIFF requires access to Rutgers' version of PASCAL-20,
particularly the COMND jsys routines.

The following logical name assignment is required to build SNIFF:

   PAS: {whatever directory in which EXTERN.PAS is located}


For information about how to use SNIFF, please see SNIFF.HLP.

[End of SNIFF.Build-Instructions]