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@{{OUTLINE of CUSYM.MSS generated by SCRIBE 1A(133) on 31 May 1979 at 10:15}}
      7.3 CUsym MACSYM Augmentation Macros
         7.3.1 @index{Accumulator}Accumulator Support
         7.3.2 %DefAC
         7.3.3 Useful Symbols
         7.3.4 UUO Package OPDEFs and Interface Symbols
         7.3.5 Setup Environment Macros
         7.3.6 Storage Declaration Macros
         7.3.7 General-Purpose Macros
         7.3.8 Macros Used for Common Primary I/O
         7.3.9 JSYS Support Macros
        7.3.10 Local Label Support Macros
        7.3.11 COMND JSYS Support Macros
  %table and %tbEnd
  %key(name, data, flags)
  %Flddb (typ, flgs, data, hlpm, defm, lst)
  %Handlr(p,e), %PrsAdr, %EvlAdr
  %CMxxx Macros to Invoke .CMxxx COMND Functions
        7.3.12 Macros to Handle COMND Errors
  %errep errlab, replab
  %merrep errlab, replab
  Macros for Fail-Return from Parsing Routines
  %jerrep errlab, replab, othrlb
  %jmerrep errlab, replab, othrlb
        7.3.13 Flag-Handling Macros
  %trnOn & %trnOff
  %TrOnS & %TrOfS
  %SkpOn & %SkpOff
  %AnyOn & %AnyOff
        7.3.14 CUuos (CUCCA Utility UUOs) Interface
  %print, %prSkp
     Table of Contents