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To install MLIST:

 1)  Edit the file SYSTEM:MLIST.MUNGERS to contain the names and
     MLIST privilege levels of MLIST-authorized users.  The current
     MLIST "privileges" include:
          DELETE  {this user is allowed to add/delete users other
                   than himself}
          SETPRV  {full MLIST privileges...a superset of DELETE...
                   can use AUTHORIZE and MUNGE commands}

 2)  Edit SYSTEM:n-m-CONFIG.CMD to define the logical names MLIST:,
     MLIST-DOC:, and G: system-wide.

 3)  Edit SUB:MLIST-DECNET-HOSTS.TXT if you wish to allow users on
     remote hosts to be allowed to have mailing list subscriptions
     in MLIST.

 4)  Use the INSTALL.MIC file to relocate the MLIST-related files
     to their new homes and install MLIST.

[End of MLIST.Installation-Instructions]