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,+,a0	(*U*Hadfhjnqux|~	*EE>!<,,%,^7@5,~	*@2,3+',(GJHEXTINI called in section 0 - RUN /USE-SE	 ;CTION:1Too few arguments in CALL EXTENDCALL EXTINI was not done before CAL	 CL EXTENDNegative number of large arrays in CALL EXTENDMissing EXTERNAL declarat	 Lion in CALL to EXTEND.P.Bad character argument in CALL EXTENDIllegal nu	 @Tmber of array elements in CALL EXTEND.`1Not enough free sections for CALL E	 ]XTENDToo many recursive calls to EXTENDPAGE. UUO failure - $AFunction not im	 eplementedIllegal argumentIllegal page numberPage should not exist, but does	 nPage should exist, but does notPage should be in core, but is notPage should not	 v be in core, but isPage is in sharable high segmentPaging I/O errorNo swappin	 g space availableCore limit exceededFunction illegal if page lockedCannot all	 ocate 0 page with virtual limit 0Not enough privilegesSection should not exist,	  but doesSection should exist, but does notIllegal sectionNot enough OTS  core for CALL EXTENDEXTCan't return OTS core after CALL EXTEND	D"Pb"]j3[49:#th3o`3Ru	R	b*UK	D"|9=-	pOD87w^Hl2M>E]M=XN[
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