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	.title	BMS	10BACKUP Messages
	.ident	'BMS v2.1'
  ! This module is part of 10BACKUP - a program to read DECsystem-10
  ! BACKUP tapes in INTERCHANGE mode on a VAX.
  ! This module contains the message definitions for 10BACKUP.
  ! The source modules that make up the 10BACKUP program are:-
  !	10BACKUP.BAS	the main line program.
  !	BIO.MAR		contains tape and file IO routines.
  !	BUR.MAR		is a set of macro utility routines.
  !	C36.MAR		contains 36 bit conversion routines.
  !	BMS.MSG		contains the error message definitions.
  !	10BACKUP.RNH	Runoff input to build the help library.
	.facility  10BACKUP,1/PREFIX=BMS_
	.severity severe
	EXCESSERRORS	<Giving up because of excess errors - check tape>
	.severity error
	UNRECMD		<Illegal or misspelled command - please re-enter>
	NOTAPE		<No tape has been specified - please use the TAPE command>
	SIXBITSIZE	<Illegal size for SIXBIT record>
	SEQERR		<Tape block sequence error - blocks lost>
	BADDATASIZE	<Bad data size in tape block - block ignored>
	BADBLOCKTYPE	<Illegal block type on tape - block ignored>
	BADRECSIZE	<Incorrect block size on tape - block ignored>
	FILERDWERR	<Incorrect file relative data word in block - data lost>
	ENDORERR	<Last tape operation failed or reached end of tape - use REWIND>
	NORPTBLK	<No repeat block found after errors detected>
	.severity warning
	CHKSUMERR	<Check sum error on tape block - block ignored>
	NOSSEND		<End of Save Set not seen>
	NOSSTART	<Start of Save Set not seen>
	SSNOTFOUND	<Specified Save Set not found>
	ENDNOSS		<End of Save Set found without start>
	ENDSSFILE	<End of Save Set found while in file>
	FILEINFILE	<Start of file found while in file>
	MIDFILE		<File found without start>
	EOFNOFILE	<End of file found without start>
	NONAME		<Start of file found without name>
	HELPERR		<Error accessing help library !AS>/FAO=1
	.severity information
	GOTRPTBLK	<Repeat block used to recover from previous error>
	IGNRPTBLK	<Ignoring unneeded repeat block>