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^*10BACKUP # Program to read DECsystem-10 BACKUP tapes\*
.b;^*Operating System:\* VMS 4.x # ^*Source Language:\* VAX BASIC,
VAX MACRO # ^*Keywords:\* Utilities - Tape # ^*Version:\* V2.3
.b;^*Abstract:\* 10BACKUP is an easy to use VAX program to read files from
a magnetic tape created by the DECsystem-10 BACKUP utility. It's purpose
is to enable file transfer from a DECsystem-10 to a VAX, or to read
existing DECsystem-10 BACKUP format tapes. 
.i 5;The program runs in 'interchange' mode while processing the input
tape, as DECsystem-10 disk and UFD information is meaningless on a VAX.
Normally the program would be used to transfer Ascii text files only.
.b;^*Note:\* This version of the program has only been tested using tapes
from TOPS-10 6.03A. The program cannot write tapes. 
.b;Documentation on magnetic media.