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13-Mar-84 22:41:21,2506;000000000001
Date: 13 Mar 1984 2241-EST
From: Reed B. Powell <POWELL at DEC-MARLBORO>
Large-Systems-Marketing: Integration Program Office
Location: "231-4261 MRO2-2/3C (Pole 8A)"
Message-ID: <"MS10(2124)+GLXLIB1(1136)" 11999157606.18.146.165611 at DEC-MARLBORO>
Regarding: Message from SGARNER of 13-Mar-84 1239-EST

Just read you message; will call you first thing in the morning.  Information
on 1022 to 1032 is best available from software house.  The info
I have (other contacts are Parmelee Eastman and Kathy Rosenbluh both
in LSM) is that 1032's user interface looks just like 1022, but that the
programmer's (callable) interface is slightly different.  Just about all
the 1022 functionality is in 1032, but not quite everything.  I do not have
a list of just what is missing.  I think that software house is the only
one with this information, and they supposedly are working on fixing thigs up
in future 1032 versions.  Parmelee has the contact names/numbers for
Software House.

Scope, the vendor tells us, runs with complete source language compatability
on VMS, so all that is necessary is for the user to do is to move the scope
files over to the VMS system.

FORTRAN-66 vs FORTRAN-77 is a subject dear to my heart.  A document is
either available or almost available that details the language differences.
I am at home, otherwise I would look it up.  Parmelee has this information
in the Integration Compendiums which we gave out at the Integration
training in Dallas in February.  We are actively looking for someone to
help develop either or both a TOPS-FORTRAN-66 to VMS-FORTRAN-77 filter
and flagger.  The next version of FORTRAN will have the flagger (part of
the ANSI requirements), but that is a ways off.  If we could get someone
to do this work soon, it would help a lot of people.  The filter is also
quite useful, as it would help with a lot of the grunt level work in
actually moving the programs.

I hope this information gets to you in time!  I the future, if it is this
important, please also call, and try to get others than just myself if
I am not there.  Just as for TECH SUPPORT, and see who is arround.  In
addition to that, when you MS, also MS to
	KROSENBLUH	Kathy Rosenbluh, tech support
	BLINN		Tom Blinn, dittoe
	EIBEN		Bernie Eiben, dittoe
	KENNETT		Anne Kennett, dittoe, hardware (might have mispelled it)