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18-Nov-84 19:54:43,2367;000000000001
Date: 18 Nov 1984 1954-EST
customer-name: Pete Klammer
customer-telephone: "(303)231-0480"
Operating-system: "TOPS-20,VMS"
site: AMAX
site-address: 1707 W. Cole Blvd / Golden CO 80401
Subject: VMS COMPILE-class commands offered
Message-ID: <"MS10(2124)-1+GLXLIB1(1135)" 12064663266.48.172.7301 at DEC-MARLBORO>

	I offer 3 new VAX/VMS .COM files for COMPILE-class commands
named COMPILE, LOAD, and EXECUTE, plus an improvement on Lamia's TDIR
command.  A write-up of the TDIR command is included in an article I
have submitted to DEC*Professional magazine, "VAX Temporary Files".
The COMPILE-class commands will be written up in a separate article.
	COMPILE, LOAD, and EXECUTE are the familiar "smart" commands
that TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 users have become accustomed to.  The remember
their parameters, so that you only have to say "COMP PROGID,SUBNAM" the
first time, and from then on, "COMP" or "EXEC" alone will do the same
named routines.  COMPILE looks for a source file (.FOR, .MAR, .CBL, etc.),
and invokes the proper compiler for you.  Before any compiler is called,
however, the write date of the most recent .OBJ file is compared to that
of the source file, and only "stale" .OBJ files result in recompilation.
	LOAD does the same thing for .OBJ and .EXE files: if any .OBJ
is more recent than the .EXE, then LINK is invoked, otherwise not.  LOAD
also does a COMPILE command before attempting this date-bound LINK.
	EXECUTE is actually a little smarter on the VAX than its counter-
part on TOPS-10/20 machines.  Since VMS LINK is file- rather than memory-
producing, an (a?) .EXE file is always produced.  The EXECUTE command
uses COMPILE and LOAD to make sure the .EXE is fresh, and then RUN's it.
By contrast, TOPS-10/20 EXECUTE command always invokes LINK.
	All three compile-class commands support "?{CR}" help, and
use the COMMAND$DEBUG symbol, just like the fine models given on the
INTEGRATION-TOOLS tape.  You may have these files free, as long as they
are distributed free, just as the INTEGRATION-TOOLS tapes have been.
this directory (I am about to KERMIT them).  Please call to confirm
that you have received and seen them.  Thank you.
--poko (Pete Klammer)