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Edit history for VAX version of SED beginning 4-Aug-1983

  1	 4-Aug-1983	If a file was being edited that would have the
			attributes changed on exit (as a VFC format file
			would), the attribute-change flag was not being
			cleared when the <SET-FILE> was done to another
			file.  Module affected:  SED1FI

  2	 4-Aug-1983	The test for the /AGAIN switch in the /RCUR
			processor was backward.  It said the two couldn't
			be mixed if /AGAIN was off instead of if it was on.
			Module affected:  SED1SW

  3	 4-Aug-1983	If windowing was in effect, doing a <SET-FILE> with
			the /RCUR qualifier displayed the file in the wrong
			window.  Module affected:  SED1FI

  4	11-Aug-1983	The display pointer, slide value and position were
			being lost for the old window when <SET-FILE> was
			done with an RCUR qualifier.  Modules affected:

  5	 2-Sep-1983	If previous data was in the close buffer, successive
			<CLOSE-LINE> commands followed by an <ENTER><PUT>
			command would cause extra characters to be put into
			the file.  The number of extra characters would be
			equal to the number of succesive <CLOSE-LINE>
			commands that were given.  The count of characters
			closed was incremented one time too many for each
			<CLOSE-LINE> command done.  Remove the extra increment
			at CLSLN4: + 4 lines.  Modules affected:  SED1CM

  6	 2-Sep-1983	Certain files containing a large number of very short
			lines would cause an access violation when the file
			was being saved.  This was caused by a design
			deficiency in the TRAILL routine.  TRAILL has to
			allocate space at the beginning of the file, so it
			will have room to create the RMS record lengths, so
			it estimates the amount of space to allocate by
			dividing the total size of the file by 10.  In certain
			cases this was too small, and the destination pointer
			would overrun the source pointer.  The cure:  at the
			end of each line, check to see that the overrun is not
			imminent.  If so, allocate some more null space by
			using the same algorithm.  Module affected:  SED1SU

  7	 6-Sep-1983	Change the way form-feeds are output to the file.
			Previously form-feeds were output as they are by
			TECO:  each one is in its own record.  Change it to
			the way EDT does it, with the form-feed imbedded
			in the record, instead of in a separate record.  The
			compilers don't seem to mind it this way, and it is
			more straightforward.  Module affected:  SED1SU

  8	29-Sep-1983	Make <INSERT-MODE> print message when windowing is
			in effect.  Also make /DTABS display highlighted
			"T" followed by dots, instead of just dots.  (These
			changes courtesy of Michael Iglesias at UCI).  Module
			affected:  SED1DS

  9	29-Sep-1983	Make /NOMESSAGE suppress the 'Parm defined by cursor
			movement' message.  (Also from Michael Iglesias, UCI).
			Module affected:  SED1SU

 10	29-Sep-1983	Implement the /NOFENCE qualifier.  Modules affected:

 11	20-Jan-1984	If journal recovery is attempted, /SHOW is not in
			effect, and the journal file does not exist, SED gets
			an access violation in SED1DS.  Module affected: SED1JO

 12	20-Jan-1984	Add capability to abort journal recovery.  Module
			affected: SED1JO

 13	20-Jan-1984	If the journal file is not found, the nominals for
			roll-forward-lines etc. are not set up.  Module
			affected: SEDVAX

 14	28-Feb-1984	The comment created for basic files when a new file
			is being created caused errors when the file was
			compiled by basic.  Add a "1" at the beginning of
			the string to correct that problem.  This will,
			however, cause further problems if the edit-history
			qualifier is enabled, since all comments inserted
			by SED will have the same label.

 15	13-Mar-1984	When executing with /SHOW set, if the execute buffer
			contains a <SUBSTITUTE> command, the two "enter"
			delimiters are output to the screen, though they
			shouldn't be.  Module affected:  SED1MV

 16	16-Mar-1984	If the file has been modified, the sequence <ENTER>
			<CURSOR-DOWN><ABORT> followed by a non-abort character,
			to cancel the abort, followed by <PICK> will cause
			any subsequent cursor movement command to abort with
			an access violation.  The <ABORT> routine was setting
			the FLG bit and not subsequently clearing it, so that
			the cursor movement routines thought they should finish
			by doing an RSB instead of JMP, causing a stack
			violation.  Module affected:  SEC1MV

 17	 2-Apr-1984	Implement a character on the screen that indicates
			data extends beyond the end of the screen for the
			current line.  This is currently only implemented
			for VT100s and is the diamond character, the same as
			is implemented in EDT.  Modules affected:  SEDITB,

 18	10-Apr-1984	Implement the /DELIM qualifier and enhance word-wise
			tabs to stop at the next character after any user-
			supplied delimiter.  Also implement the /ID=a,b
			qualifier to allow specification of the comment
			characters before and after the comment line.
			Modules affected:  SED1MV, SED1DT, SEDITB, SED1SW,

 19	12-Apr-1984	Implement the PUSH command to spawn a subprocess and
			(optionally) execute a specified DCL command.  Modules
			affected:  SED1MV, SED1DT, SEDITB, SEDBYU.

 20	12-Apr-1984	Remove the comment characters from the /ID switch and
			create a /COMMENT switch to specify the comment
			characters.  That way the comment characters can be
			defined without having to have the ID lines displayed.
			Modules affected:  SED1SW, SED1DT, SED1FI.

 22	25-Apr-1984	Don't save PUSH commands in journal file; save HELP
			command only if ENTER-PARAMETER has been done.  Module
			affected:  SED1JO.

 23	16-May-1984	Fix some minor problems:
			A.  A <PICK> followed by creation of a new file and
			    a <PUT> into that file sometimes caused extra
			    characters to be put into the file.  Module
			    affected:  SED1SU (MAKCHR routine).
			B.  Enable global passall mode unless the logical
			    SED$DEBUG is set to YES.  Module affected:  SEDVAX.

 24	21-May-1984	Add .DTR to the file-type table for datatrieve files.
			Also, undo all special terminal setups in effect when
			the <PUSH> command is issued, then do them again when
			it returns.  This allows ^Y, ^T, xon & xoff to work
			in the subprocess.

 25	 5-Jul-1984	Add code to support terminals having insert-mode.  Also
			add code to support VT102, which has insert-mode.
			Modules affected:  SED1MV, SEDVAX, SED1CM.

 26	 6-Jul-1984	Set the terminal width in the terminal table to match
			the width given us by the system.  (This is currently
			only being done for VT100-style terminals).  Module
			affected:  SEDBYU.

 27	16-Jul-1984	Accept the system values for screen width and length
			instead of using the built-in values.  Module affected:

 28	17-Jul-1984	Add code to support SED on a Macintosh running
			Macterminal without a numeric keypad.  The terminal
			responds to VT100 command sequences but needs to use
			the "generic" layout of escape functions in place of
			the keypad keys and function keys.