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?p0 @0 ?h0?x " 
<++2	`npoO0x2O+1+13@@,X*"O@+X\"Y\"be4:ZBL0@"@ f4< $4> "@ $ &4@ "@ $ &(4A "@ f"&(@,4B g,3\"g "  i"&\"i!"X"@	4K "@ f4M "@ $ &4@ "@ $ &(4R "@ j"&(,4) j,3 "@ k"&(,4D k,3 "@ $4Gl@f!"4KZBM 24m1Tm d \"m``\"s l M u4I
,~ "@ $413<+1,>,>,>[Q"B!$A`X$H=f6,^,^,^,~\"
 *",,~\",~\"  2,~\"% l\"(!"@ e4K,~,>,>,> " U$@4T4U\"i,^,^,^,~%@,x,RFIL11 Files-11 tape processor. Whole tape is read.
Output is to connected directory.
Enter input magtape device:  H ,,Volume id: ,
H llH 

,nl,[File will have <CR><LF> appended to each record]
Working on file:  $,~H LHLHN:L%Unknown error while reading tape file
%Device or data error - ignored
%Record longer than expected
%Error reading first record of file header!
-Hm%Invalid tape specs
%OPENF failed for given device
%Rewind failed!
%Could not set ANSI-ASCII (or INDUSTRY)
%Error reading volume ID
%Error reading HDR2
1Hinding tape mark
%Could not open file for output, Ignoring file!
%Monitor rejected file name:  Enter new file specs
??C6O6`OO*3OOrc OOqh O9RHO`^O`CO`<OCO/L`PHheP2iP2i P	P	HH$H$c H#:H#9\#H#1zH#&
#oqll <
Lv2S8MH+LMS54@@P	L^LB^IiD	KHY4	K4}*20PPML?3JM@:@#ll	tNz#,P2]"wM2\mxN+tSG+t
K+tszlI+sp=:+soa<+so[@PP5Tit0\B:/\>X\>5'\7N+\2g'r'I(\)8*\)7\	\	)\+,\6.\.,[rO.O[mNO[mO[m	O[l|[l{&O[l+O[kO[kO[j]O[jRO[i%r%H([Z[X%[Qgr%0[Ms/[M"-[M	+[L,[FG[@v*r#eOD^w'dw]!+{0