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The following commands have been modified or added to MAIL to produce
VMM. New commands are in UPPERCASE, other additions are in Mixed case.
Commands and their synonyms are listed together (no blank line inbetween).

Command:				Summary of Changes:
--------				-------------------
BLANK					Blank the terminal screen

Cc	<user1>,<user2@site>,@list	Carbon Copy field added

DAYTIME					Displays current system time.

DELETE	x:y				Better display of ranges acted on.
					Msgs not actually deleted, marked
	/FLAG				Delete flagged messages.
	/FROM	<string>		Delete msgs FROM <string>
	/NEW				Delete 'New' msgs
	/SUBJECT <string>		Delete msgs with <string> in subject
	/UNSEEN				Delete 'Unseen' msgs

DIRECTORY x:y				New switches added and status field 
HEADERS					added (flagged,deleted,new)
	/DELETED			Display 'deleted' msgs. 
	/FLAG				Display 'flagged' msgs.
	/FROM <string>			Display msgs 'From' <string>
	/NEW				Display 'new' messages.
	/SUBJECT  <string>		Display msgs with <string> in subject
	/UNSEEN				Display 'unseen' msgs.

EXIT					EXPUNGE msgs and update file on exit.

EXPUNGE					Delete messages marked for delete.
PURGE					Display of messages acted on.

FLAG x:y				Better display of ranges acted on.
	/FROM	<string>		Flag msgs FROM <string>
	/NEW				Flag 'New' msgs
	/SUBJECT <string>		Flag msgs with <string> in subject
	/UNSEEN				Flag 'Unseen' msgs

FORWARD					Prompt for CC field and use Send Mode

?					Updated to use newer VMS Help facilites

Init file [MAIL.INI]			VMM reads this file FIRST and sets
					up OPTIONS with it -- uses the OPTIONS
					command parser

LIST					Same as PRINT

NEXT					Fixed for deleted messages.

OPTIONS					New command mode for setting up
					session long switches.
	DAYTIME				Display current system time
	HELP				Display option list and help
	MAIL_PROMPT <string>		Change 'VMM>' prompt to <string>
	NONOTIFY			Don't notify users of new mail
	NOPAUSE				Don't pause terminal at end of page
	NOTIFY				Notify users of new mail
	OPTION_PROMPT <string>		Change 'OPT>' prompt to <string>
	PAUSE				Pause terminal at end of page
	PUSH				Spawn a sub process
	READ_PROMPT <string>
	REPLY				Set reply qualifiers for session
		/ALL			Reply to everyone in messages list
		/NOALL			Turn of session reply/all
		/SELF			Cc yourself in replies.
		/NOSELF			Don't Cc yourself in replies
	SEND				Set SEND/self or noself
		/SELF			Include yourself in CC field
		/NOSELF			Don't automatically include yourself
	SEND_PROMPT <string>		Change 'S>' prompt to <string>
	SHOW				Show options status <on/off>
	SPAWN				Spawn a sub process
	?				Same as HELP


PUSH					Spawn a sub process

QUIT					Update file but do not EXPUNGE

Ranges					Allow user to specify ranges on
x:y					certain commands. For messages
					beginning at x ending at y

READ	x:y				Read a range of messages and pause
					  in read mode.
	/DELETED			Read 'deleted' msgs. 
	/FLAG				Read 'flagged' msgs.
	/FROM <string>			Read msgs 'From' <string>
	/NEW				Read 'new' messages.
	/SUBJECT  <string>		Read msgs with <string> in subject
	/UNSEEN				Read 'unseen' msgs.

Read Mode
	BLANK				Blank screen
	PREVIOUS			Back to previous message
	DAYTIME				Display current system date and time
	DELETE				Delete current message
	FILE	<filename>		File current message in <filename>
	FLAG				Flag current message
	FORWARD				Forward current message to userlist
	HELP	<topic>			Display help on <topic>
	PRINT				Print current message
		/QUEUE	<queuename>	  in queue <queuename>
	MOVE	<filename>		File current message in <filename> and
					delete it.
	NEXT				Proceed to next message
	SPAWN				Spawn a subprocess
	QUIT				Exit read mode.
	REPLY				Reply to current message
		/ALL			Include everyone in TO and CC lists
		/SELF			CC yourself
	SEARCH	<string>		Search for string in messages
	TYPE				Type current message
	UNDELETE			Undelete Current message
	UNFLAG				Unflag Current message

REPLY					Prompt for CC list and use Send Mode
	/ALL				Include everyone in TO and CC lists
	/NOALL				Disable option /all temporarily
	/SELF				CC yourself
	/NOSELF				Disable option /self temprorarily

SEND					Prompt for CC list and use Send Mode
	/SELF				Include yourself in CC list

Send Mode
	ABORT				Abort and quit
	DAYTIME				display current system time
	BCC				Blind Carbon Copy
	CC				Add user or users to CC field
	DISPLAY				Display message fields
		/ALL			Display all message fields
		/BCC			Display Blind CC list
		/CC			Display CC list
		/SUBJECT		Display SUBJECT list
		/TEXT			Display message TEXT
		/TO			Display TO field
	EDIT				Edit message before sending
	ERASE				Erase message fields
		/ALL			Erase all fields (no text)
		/BCC			Erase the BCC field
		/CC			Erase the CC list
		/TO			Erase the To list
	HELP				What send commands are available
	PUSH				spawn a sub process
	QUIT				Abort
	REMOVE				Remove user or users from lists
	SEND				Send the message NOW!
	SPAWN				spawn a sub process
	SUBJECT	<string>		Change SUBJECT field to <string>
	TO				Add user or users to TO field
	?				Same as HELP

SPAWN					Spawn a sub process

TYPE					Redisplay the most current message

UNDELETE x:y				Better notification of msgs acted on
	/FROM	<string>		Undelete msgs FROM <string>
	/SUBJECT <string>		Undelete msgs with <string> in subject

UNFLAG	x:y				Better notification of msgs acted on
	/FLAG				Unflag 'Flagged' msgs
	/FROM	<string>		Unflag msgs FROM <string>
	/SUBJECT <string>		Unflag msgs with <string> in subject

Verification				Tell the user what messages have
					been acted on. Tell users what users
					received messages.

In addition VMM is set up to handle arpanet style mail
addresses of the format
automatically. The Eunice SMTP interface is used to send Arpanet msgs,
but the user need only supply an program to process the files queued
to the <MAILER> directory in order to interface to another network.

Ramon Curiel	July 25, 1984