Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - iqlv30 - store.seq
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001JAKE'S JUNK     3739A14F1215750000200000059466                                                   
001CARDINAL MILLS  5405T14F1128750139600000000100                                                   
001BAY PAPER CO.   7391Z22F1201750235200000000200                                                   
001ACME WIDGET     2457A11C1201750000511069553339                                                   
000H & S SURPLUS   6650D22S1205750299700000000500                                                   
000H & S SURPLUS   5405T14F0911740000400000303240                                                   
000H & S SURPLUS   7391Z22F0813741002500000000050                                                   
002CARDINAL MILLS  3586T14Y1120750000100000035856                                                   
002ACME WIDGET     4397D13P 302580137700000004000                                                   
003ACME WIDGET     6650D22S1203750001400000540833                                                   
003H & S SURPLUS   6650D22S1214750375700000000005                                                   
003H & S SURPLUS   6650D22S1215750306900000000005                                                   
003HEWLETT PACKARD 6650D22S1115750001500000500000