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	CONFIG.EXE	CONFIG program to configure auto files for
			auto acceptance testing under UETP.
	CONFIG.B20	Basic source for CONFIG
	CONFIG.B19	Previous version of CONFIG
	DDRPI.B20	CONFIG source for disk testing with DDRPI.
	DN200.B20	CONFIG source for building DN200 software.
	DN20BLD.B20	CONFIG source for building DN20 software.
	MEM.B20		CONFIG source for generating multiple  tests
			which run memory diags.
	MEM.DAT		MEM library file.
	CONMAC.MAC	Editing subroutines source

	CNF-SAVE.MIC	Copies the system/Uetp auto files into <MFG>
			area for future restoration after a temporary
			CONFIG change.
	CNF-REST.MIC	Copies configuration files saved by CNF-SAVE
			to the system auto files.

	MAKDMP.MIC	Makes a new DUMP.EXE for system.

	TYPE-SYSTEM-FILES.MIC	Types all common system and UETP
				auto files.



	DN1-START.MIC	Loads and starts DN20N1 Decnet node on FE1
	DN1-STOP.MIC	Crashes DN20N1 node and optionally
			load DECX into FE1.
	DN1-SHOW.MIC	Runs OPR/NCP and displays counter summaries
			for DECNET node DN20N1 (DN20 on FE1).

	DN20N1.MIC	Manual test for DN20N1

	DN1-DMR1.SYS		DECNET MCB monitor for DN20 on FE1
				with 1 DMR.
	DN1-DMR3-DUP2-DUP2.SYS	DECNET MCB monitor for DN20 on FE1
				with 3 DMR's, 2 DUP's on KDP-0
				and 2 DUP' on KDP-1
	DN1-DUP2.SYS		DECNET MCB monitor for DN20 on FE1
				with 2 DUP's



	D60SPD.ATO	Sets up 6 PTYCON subjobs for IBMCON testing

	KDP1A.ATO	Manual testing with IBMCON software.
			For use with D60SPD.ATO - transfers data
			between DUP's 0 and 1 on FE1.
	KDP1B.ATO	between DUP's 2 and 3 on FE1.
	KDP1C.ATO	between DUP's 4 and 5 on FE1.
	KDP2A.ATO	between DUP's 0 and 1 on FE2.
	KDP2B.ATO	between DUP's 2 and 3 on FE2.
	KDP2C.ATO	between DUP's 4 and 5 on FE2.



	SPEAR.MIC	Runs SPEAR with SPEAR arguments supplied in
			MIC parameters.
	SPEAR.CTL	Batch control file to review system errors.

	PVSPR.CTL	Batch file to generate reports for MFG KL10 PV

	REVIEW.MIC	Runs SPEAR, MASSRT, TGHA and generates a
			report for MFG acceptane evaluation.

	MASSRT.EXE	Program to sort masbus disk and tape entries
			from a SPEAR FULL report file.
	MASSRT.CBL	Cobol source.
	MASSRT.HLP	Detailed help file.

	UPTIME.EXE	Program run under SYSJOB to keep track of
			current and accumulated system uptime for
			MFG acceptance data.
	UPTIME.INF	File updated by UPTIME.EXE every second
			starting 15 minutes after system boot.
	UPTIME.MAC	Macro source for UPTIME.

	TDBLD.EXE	Program to compute skip displacement values
			for RP07 disks.
	TDBLD.B20	Basic source for TDBLD.



	UETP.ATO	PTYCON auto file to intialize the UETP subjob
			and restart UETP tests.
	UETP-SETUP.ATO	Same as UETP.ATO but does not enable or start
			any tests.

	SUB.MIC		Submits to batch the CTL file specified by
			parameter A.

	DIAGNOSTIC-DEFINE.MIC	Defines DSK: for running diagnsotics

				and deletes log files.
	MFG-CLEAN.MIC	Deletes temporary files created by auto files
			in the MFG area.

	PAUSE.EXE	Program that sleeps for 15 seconds used in
			some auto files for delays between commands.
	PAUSE.MAC	Macro source.

	SLEEPR.MAC	Macro source for SLEEPR program which
			sleeps for X number of minutes used by
			some tests for delay.