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This file lists changes in the KLAD20-MFG tape from KLAD release
KLAD20-Z-6.1-A (KLAD20-MFG-A Tape) to KLAD20-AB-6.1-A (KLAD20-MFG-B Tape).

C - Files that have been modified.
A - Files that have been added.
D - Files that have been deleted.

<MFG> Directory:

D - CI20.CTL		;Obsolete - Replaced by CI20.VER

D - CONFIG.B19		;Not needed, another copy in <MFG.SRC>

D - CONFIG.B20		;Not needed, another copy in <MFG.SRC>

C - CONFIG.EXE		;Updated to read <UTILITIES>KLAD20.REV for
			;KLAD20 designation to plug into MONNAM.TXT.

A - KLAD20_MFG_GUIDE.DOC ;Renamed from KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.DOC because of
			;conflict with another document by the same name.
			;Updated to specify which KLAD release the document
			;was last edited rather than state which release it
			;is intended for.

D - KLAD20.UPD		;Deleted because comments about old KLAD releases
			;are misleading and issues no longer a concern.

C - LOGIN.CMD		;Added logical name UT:


D - NI20.CTL		;Obsolete - Replaced by NI20.VER.

A - TTPRINT.CMD		;Added to set up terminal for typing documents.

D - UPDATE.INF		;Info on previous releases no longer needed.
			;Replaced by UPDATE.MFG.

A - UPDATE.MFG		;MFG Updates for KLAD20-AB-6.1-A KLAD (This file).

D - US.MIC		;Temporary file created by CONFIG.

<MFG.SRC> Directory:

A - 206X-MONITR.EXE	;2060-MONITR.EXE From TOPS20 Installation Tape
			;with 1 patch installed to fix problem with
			;DECNET when both NI20 and DN20's are being
			;tested in Mfg. To be copied to <SYSTEM>MONITR.EXE
			;by Mfg only when needed.

C - CONFIG.B19		;CONFIG source from previous KLAD20-MFG-A tape.

C - CONFIG.B20		;CONFIG source for current release (See CONFIG.EXE).

D - COPTST.MIC		;Obsolete test file.            

D - DN1-BLD1.MIC	;Obsolete - Replaced by CONFIG routine.

D - DN1-BLD2.MIC	;Obsolete - Replaced by CONFIG routine.

C - DX20.NOTES		;Updated to explain installation of DX20 microcode
			;including VMS-DX20 microcode used in MFG test.

A - DXMCA.V1071		;DXMCA.ADX Version 71.10 VMS-DX20 microcode used by
			;Mfg for testing DX20's (in Standalone Diagnostic
			;mode) on KLAD20-Z-6.1-A.

A - DXMCA.V1074		;DXMCA.ADX Version 74.10 VMS-DX20 microcode current
			;release (not tested for this KLAD20-AB-6.1-A release)
			;To be copied to <2-DIAGNOSTICS>DXMCA.ADX by Mfg
			;only as needed (see DX20.NOTES).

D - DX20.VER		;Obsolete - Replaced by DX20.NOTES
D - KLAD20.UPD		;Deleted because comments about old KLAD releases
			;are misleading and issues no longer a concern.

			;Updated to delete all temporary files used in
			;generating .DOC file and to put .DOC file
			;in <MFG> area.

A - KLAD20_MFG_GUIDE.RNO ;Replaces KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.RNO. Source file for

A - KLAD20_REV.B20	;Source for program to write <UTILITES>KLAD20.REV
			;from terminal input (not implimented).

D - KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.BTC ;Temporary file not needed.
D - KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.MEM ;Temporary file not needed.
D - KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.OLD ;Old version of KLAD20_MFG_GUIDE.DOC not needed.

C - MFG-INSTALL.MIC	;Fixed misleading comment "INS-MFG.MIC".
			;Fixed missing mic breakpoint.
			;Removed copy of NCP.CMD to <SYSTEM>. (NCP.CMD
			;was temporaty DN20N1.CMD file created by CONFIG.)
			;Removed copy of DN20N1.CMD (temp file) to <SYSTEM>.
			;Removed copy of KLAD20-USER-GUIDE.DOC to <MANUALS>.
			;Added comment for TTKLIN.CMD.

C - MFG-SAVE.MIC	;Removed saving of NCP.CMD.
			;Removed saving of DN20N1.CMD.

C - MFG-TAPE-SAVE.MIC	;Added terminal setting commands prior to getting
			;DUMPER directory of tape.

D - NOTES.		;MFG update notes for previous release KLAD20-Z-6.1-A
			;no longer needed. Replaced by UPDATE.MFG (this file).


<MFG.UPD> Directory:

D - DN20N1.CMD		;Temporary file not needed.            

D - NCP.CMD		;DN20N1.CMD tempory file. <SYSTEM>NCP.CMD should be
			;created by NIPGEN per configuration.

C - RELIAB.CMD		;Temporary file created by CONFIG not needed.

C - UETP.CMD		;Temporary file created by CONFIG not needed.