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.title Diagnostic List

	This is the current list of known 36-bit diagnostics and their current
state.  This document should be the final word.  In other words, keep this up
	The following fields are kept for each diagnostic:

.list ,"o"

.le;^&Diag\& stands for the name of the diagnostic.

.le;^&Version\& is the current version.

.le;^&Sources\& is where the sources are.

.le;^&Who\& is who is currently working on this diagnostic.

.le;^&B\& stands for whether or not we have successfully built it.

.le;^&Diagnosis\& is what the diagnostic works on.

.le;^&10, 20, TS\&, and ^&EX\& is the status of the diagnostic in
exec-mode on
TOPS-10, TOPS-20, under time-sharing on TOPS-10, and under the EXEC on TOPS-20.
The possible values are:

		U - Unknown.
		N - Not applicable.  (Not suppose to work here.)
		F - Fails in some way.
		W - Works completely.
.end literal

.le;^&KL\& is if this diagnostic goes on the KLAD pack.

.le;^&Requirements-Notes\& is for any requirements or notes.
.end list
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.subtitle Diag####Version#Sources#Who B Diagnosis 10 20 TS EX KL##Requirements-Notes
Diag	Version	Sources	Who B Diagnosis	10 20 TS EX KL	Requirements-Notes

DDRPI	10.5	MORDOR	Ned Y RP disks	S  U  U  U  Y

.end literal