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 -- KL MICROCODE INSTALLATION GUIDE --                      AA-AS78A-TM
September 1983

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KL MICROCODE INSTALLATION GUIDE -- V326                         Page 2

September 1983


     The installation package for microcode v326 consists of a magtape
and  RX0x  floppy  diskette.   The  tape  saveset  contains  3  files.
KL-UCODE-RELEASE.DOC is  the  documentation  file  for  the  microcode
itself.   It  contains  among other things the edit history (what bugs
got   fixed)   of   the   microcode   since    the    last    release.
KL-UCODE-INSTAL-GUIDE.MAN   (This   document)   is   the  installation
instructions for microcode v326.  KL-UCODE.BWR is the file which lists
all the known bugs in V326 microcode.


     1.  The reader is familiar  with  the  installation  instructions
         contained in Chapter 4 of the TOPS-20 KL Model B Installation

     2.  The system disk is DB0:.

     3.  The floppy disk is in DX0:.

     If drive numbers  other  than  0  are  used,  replace  0  in  the
description with the disk drive number.


     1.  Halt  the  TOPS-20  monitor   with   your   site's   shutdown
         proceedure.   All  further  steps  assume  that SHUT has been
         typed to PARSER at the Front End console terminal or that the
         system  disk  was  booted with the value of 000203 (octal) in
         the switch  register  and  the  SWITCH  REGISTER  and  ENABLE
         buttons are depressed.

     2.  Place the floppy disk supplied with this  package  in  Floppy
         drive 0.
KL MICROCODE INSTALLATION GUIDE -- V326                         Page 3

     3.  Type CTRL/\.  The prompt PAR> or PAR% should appear.

     4.  Type MCR MOU (ret).  The prompt MOU> should appear.

     5.  Type DX0:  (ret).  The message MOU -- MOUNT  COMPLETE  should
         appear and then another MOU>.

     6.  Type CTRL/Z and CTRL/\.   The  prompt  PAR>  or  PAR%  should

     7.  Type MCR PIP.  The prompt PIP> should appear.

     8.  Type DB0:=DX0:KLX.MCB;326.  After  about  10-15  seconds  the
         prompt PIP> should appear.

     9.  Type CTRL/Z and CTRL/\.   The  prompt  PAR>  or  PAR%  should

    10.  Type MCR KLI.  A few lines of informational  messages  should
         appear and then the prompt KLI>.

    11.  Type NO (ret) or just (ret).

    12.  After KLI has run and loaded  the  BOOT  program  the  prompt
         BOOT>  should  appear.   KLI will have typed an informational
         line stating that the microcode has been loaded and give  the
         version  number.   If  the  version  is  not 326, restart the
         installation and type YES to the first KLI prompt.  The first
         question  after  that  is for loading of the microcode.  Type
         YES KLX.MCB;326.  Answer all the  other  questions  that  KLI
         askes using your site's parameters.

    13.  Restart the system in the usual manner.