Trailing-Edge - PDP-10 Archives - ks10_8080_microcode -
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071E2.DAT ... 074E2.DAT - data and punch files which are used when
	generating the output in the form required by Northboro or
	whoever when producing the 4.2 8080 Roms.

DATAIO.BIN - punch file for PROMS (used for testing the results)

PUNCH.TXT - text file which describes the procedure for punching

ROMGEN.* - this is what generates the PNT and DAT files above for
	use in generating the Roms.  The DOC file documents the
	ROMGEN program and its use.  The WAY file describes how
	to get the 8080 code to its final release.

All of the data on this file (I believe) corresponds to the 4.2 version
of the 8080 Console program.