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PW[0 +8+fq(+4)[1
fq1"l 0'
Z<,J	V
amz	|	wCl$!I/>8L$]So1~$z3JBT^ecuN
& Ambassador Exit Hook 1& Ambassador Exit Hook 2& Ambassador Mode 1& Ambassador Mode 2& Ambassador Mode 3& Ambassador No Windows& Ambassador Return Hook 1& Ambassador Return Hook 2$& Ambassador variable defaulting& Refresh Windows 1& Refresh Windows 2& Set Terminal Height& Set Two Terminal Heights& Setup AWINDOW libraryAmbassador Window Mode~DIRECTORY~"~DOC~ & Ambassador Exit Hook 1"~DOC~ & Ambassador Exit Hook 2~DOC~ & Ambassador Mode 1~DOC~ & Ambassador Mode 2~DOC~ & Ambassador Mode 3!~DOC~ & Ambassador No Windows$~DOC~ & Ambassador Return Hook 1$~DOC~ & Ambassador Return Hook 2*~DOC~ & Ambassador variable defaulting~DOC~ & Refresh Windows 1~DOC~ & Refresh Windows 2~DOC~ & Set Terminal Height$~DOC~ & Set Two Terminal Heights!~DOC~ & Setup AWINDOW library ~DOC~ Ambassador Window Mode~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
qAmbassador Window ModeF"nu1
m(m.m& Refresh Window 1)''
qAmbassador Window Mode"n
m(m.m& Ambassador No Windows)''
"#"'l(-2"'g)"n:i*Illegal Ambassador Modefserr'
qAmbassador Window Mode"n
m(m.m& Ambassador No Windows)'
fsheightm.vAmbassador Old Screen Size
Fm(m.m& Ambassador Mode 0)
m.m& Ambassador Return Hook 0m.vReturn From Superior Hook
    m.m& Ambassador Exit Hook 0m.vExit Hook
m.vAmbassador Window Mode
    0fo..qAmbassador Old Return Hookm.vReturn from Superior Hook
    0fo..qAmbassador Old Exit Hookm.vExit Hook
    qAmbassador Old Screen SizeF(u0):\u1
q0m(m.m& Set Terminal Height)
    fs tty init
@:i*/[1;;;1p/fsimage out
-1fs pjaty
0uAmbassador Window mode''0[0
0fo..qAmbassador Editing Window"n %0'
0fo..qAmbassador System Window"n %0'
m.vAmbassador Editing Window
m.vAmbassador System Window'Om(m.m& Set terminal height)
fs tty init
m(m.m& Set terminal height)T[0[1
    fsheight/2F(,)-1m(m.m& Ambassador Variable Defaulting)
qAmbassador Editing Windowu0
    qAmbassador System Windowu1
    q0,q1m(m.m& set two terminal heights)
m(m.m& Refresh Windows 1)
=qAmbassador System Window[1
q1+qAmbassador Editing Window+1:\[3
@:i*/[3;;2;3p/fsimage out
0fs old mode
0fo..qAmbassador Old Return Hook[0
q0"n m0' qAmbassador Editing Window[1
q1+qAmbassador System Window+1:\[3
@:i*/[3;2;;3p/fsimage out
0fo..qAmbassador Old Exit Hook[0
q0"n m0'dqAmbassador System Window[1
qAmbassador Editing Window[3
@:i*/[4;;;4p[5;H----------------------------------------------------------------[4;;2;4p/fsimage out
-1fs PJATY
   "n30,30m(m.m& Ambassador Variable Defaulting)'
"#30m.vAmbassador Editing Windowm.vAmbassador System Window'

   qAmbassador Editing Windowu0 qAmbassador System Windowu1
   q0,q1m(m.m& Set Two Terminal Heights)
m(m.m& Refresh Windows 2)
`qAmbassador Editing Window:\[0
@:i*/[0;;;0p/fsimage out
-1fs PJATY
4qAmbassador Editing Window:\[0
   qAmbassador System Window:\[1
   @:i*/[60;;;0p[1s[0;;;0p/fsimage out
0fo..qAmbassador Old Return Hook[0
q0"n m0'&qAmbassador Editing Window:\[0
   qAmbassador System Window:\[1
   @:i*/[60;;;1p[0s[1;;;1p/fsimage out
0fo..qAmbassador Old Exit Hook[0
q0"n m0'&:i*Mode 3 is not availablefs errV[0[1[2
11*5fs q vectorM.V& Terminal Height code
	q& Terminal Height codeu0330000000000.u:0(0)261740000002.u:0(1)261740000003.u:0(2)201040000101.u:0(3)201100000033.u:0(4)104000000077.u:0(5)262740000003.u:0(6)262740000002.u:0(7)350017000000.u:0(8)263740000000.u:0(9)
q& Terminal Height code[..O
fs real address/5u0
m0"0m.vAmbassador Window Mode
)Editor & System windows on ambassadorC Enters two window (editor, system) mode
Without explicit argument just refreshes the screen.  Otherwise, NUMARG is
mode: 0 means clear window mode, 1 is the only defined mode right now, it gives
you two windows, both continuously displayed.  qAmbassador editing window and
qAmbassador system window are the window sizes; if these are not present they
will be set up to split the screen.  This macro sets up Return From Superior
and Exit hooks, if you want to have your own hooks executed put them in
Ambassador Old Return Hook and Ambassador Old Exit Hook. Also, don't change
your terminal size while window mode is enabled.S Turn off window mode.YS checks that the variables
ambassador editing window and ambassador system window are defined, and
defaults them to ^X,^Y if they are not.  BOTH variables must be defined
and non-zero or both will be defaultedWS sets teco's idea of terminal height
to precomma arg, system's idea to postcomma.S Enable mode 12S Code to configure mode 1 on return from exec%S Code to configure tty for exec .S Draw dashed line, put us in upper windowJS Enable mode 2, screen-switching mode.
In this mode, there are two logical screens, only one of which is displayed at 
once.  The two screen sizes are controlled by variables Ambassador Editing
Window and Ambassador System Window, which should both be sizes which the
ambassador can display and should not sum to more than 60. NOTE: I am so
convinced that you want two 30-line windows, that it will give you that unless
you specify a precomma arg.!S Configure screen for mode 22S Code to configure mode 2 on return from exec(S Code to return to system in mode 2$S Enable mode 3, text-saving window mode.
This mode is controlled by several variables,  which must be set up in advance,
or else the default is used.  The variables are:

Ambassador System Window:  how many lines you want to use for non-emacs stuff
Ambassador Editing Window: how many lines you want to use for all of EMACS
 (buffer, mode line, echo area).  Normally these two variables will add
 to 60.
Ambassador System Screen: the number of lines to be on the SCREEN while
not in emacs.  These consist of the last part of the .... (S Do a MTOPR to set terminal height.KS Make variable
This object file was compressed on 12:47pm  Thursday, 3 May 1984
by WHP4 on SU-SIERRA.ARPA from the following source libraries:

   PS:<EMACS162>AWINDOW.EMACS.1,	04/29/82 19:59:46xAmbassador Window Mode
& Ambassador No Windows
& Ambassador variable defaulting
& Set Two Terminal Heights
& Ambassador Mode 1
& Ambassador Return Hook 1
& Ambassador Exit Hook 1
& Refresh Windows 1
& Ambassador Mode 2
& Refresh Windows 2
& Ambassador Return Hook 2
& Ambassador Exit Hook 2
& Ambassador Mode 3
& Set Terminal Height
& Setup AWINDOW library
\+8+fq(+4)[2 0[3
< %3,-q2f2u3 q3&1@; q3"l 0' >
f[BBind q3-1*5,q3*5g2 q:..o(0)+q2