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2T ,'5
B	)N[	Vh
[=$S4~-%=:G5NF& Kill DM3025 Library& Setup DM3025 Library^R Forward Character^R Home Cursor^R Kill Rest of Buffer^R Program Function 1^R Program Function 10^R Program Function 2^R Program Function 3^R Program Function 4^R Program Function 9~DIRECTORY~~DOC~ & Kill DM3025 Library ~DOC~ & Setup DM3025 Library~DOC~ ^R Forward Character~DOC~ ^R Home Cursor ~DOC~ ^R Kill Rest of Buffer~DOC~ ^R Program Function 1 ~DOC~ ^R Program Function 10~DOC~ ^R Program Function 2~DOC~ ^R Program Function 3~DOC~ ^R Program Function 4~DOC~ ^R Program Function 9~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
~INVERT~c0fo..QDM3025 Library Loaded"e
q..pM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-p
q..qM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-q
q..rM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-r
q..sM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-s
q..tM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-t
q..uM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-u
q..vM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-v
q..wM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-w
q..xM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-x
q..yM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-y
q..AM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-A
q..CM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-C
q..HM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-H
q..JM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-J
q..KM.VPre-DM3025 Meta-K
qJM.VPre-DM3025 Tab'
1m.vDM3025 Library Loaded
m.m^R Up Real Lineu..A
m.m^R Forward Characteru..C
m.m^R Down Real LineuJ
m.m^R Kill Lineu..K
m.m^R Home Cursoru..H
m.m^R Kill Rest of Bufferu..J
m.m^R Program Function 1u..p
m.m^R Program Function 2u..q
m.m^R Program Function 3u..r
m.m^R Program Function 4u..s
m.m^R Program Function 9u..x
m.m^R Program Function 10u..y
0:c"ezj'05.,zm(m.m& Save for Undo)DM3025 <EEOS>
.,zf(k)ff"efswindow'j0m0fo..QDM3025 Library Loaded"n
qPre-DM3025 Meta-pu..p
qPre-DM3025 Meta-qu..q
qPre-DM3025 Meta-ru..r
qPre-DM3025 Meta-su..s
qPre-DM3025 Meta-tu..t
qPre-DM3025 Meta-uu..u
qPre-DM3025 Meta-vu..v
qPre-DM3025 Meta-wu..w
qPre-DM3025 Meta-xu..x
qPre-DM3025 Meta-yu..y
qPre-DM3025 Meta-Au..A
qPre-DM3025 Meta-Cu..C
qPre-DM3025 Meta-Hu..H
qPre-DM3025 Meta-Ju..J
qPre-DM3025 Meta-Ku..K
qPre-DM3025 TabuJ
0uDM3025 Library Loaded'
f:@m(m.m^R Goto Beginning)'
f:@m(m.m^R Goto End)'
f:@m(m.m^R Next Screen)'
f:@m(m.m^R Previous Screen)'
f:@m(m.m^R Save File)'
f:@m(m.m^R Return to Superior)'
DM30252Emacs Library for DM3025 intelligent terminals
& Set up the world for editting with DM3025 keys
Make <Uparrow>    do ^R Up Real Line
Make <Downarrow>  do ^R Down Real Line
Make <Leftarrow>  do ^R Backward Character (default)
Make <Rightarrow> do ^R Forward Character
Make EEOL         do ^R Kill Line
Make EEOS	  do ^R Kill Rest of Buffer
Make HOME	  do ^R Home Cursor
Make PF1	  do ^R Goto Beginning
Make PF2	  do ^R Goto End
Make PF3	  do ^R Next Screen
Make PF4	  do ^R Previous Screen
Make PF9	  do ^R Save File
Make PF10	  do ^R Return to Superior  Go forward a character(^R Kill from point to end of buffer ^R Put Cursor in top left corner of screen (or buffer)
With no arg, jump top corner of screen
With an arg, jump to top of buffer2& Undo the effects of loading DM3025 library  +& Goto beginning of file and ignore CR %& Goto end of file and ignore CR %& Goto next screen and ignore CR )& Goto previous screen and ignore CR & Save file and ignore CR '& Return to superior and ignore CR |& Setup DM3025 Library
^R Forward Character
^R Kill Rest of Buffer
^R Home Cursor
& Kill DM3025 Library
^R Program Function 1
^R Program Function 2
^R Program Function 3
^R Program Function 4
^R Program Function 9
^R Program Function 10