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   m6>iHaRlYdaqU~IBM370 Mode^R IBM370 Comment^R IBM370 Space~DIRECTORY~~DOC~ IBM370 Mode~DOC~ ^R IBM370 Comment~DOC~ ^R IBM370 Space~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
~INVERT~M(M.M& Init Buffer Locals)
m.m^R IBM370 Commentm.q*
m.m^R Tab to Tab Stopm.q 
m.m^R IBM370 Spacem.q	
1,2m.lDisplay Matching Paren
1,0m.lPermit UnMatched Paren
1,(:i*          :     :                  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)m.lTab Stop Definitions
1M(M.M& Set Mode Line)IBM/370.,(, i.)21,fComment: [1
0l.,(i* g1i
IBM370)Macros for editting IBM/370 assemblersS Mode for making IBM/370 tolerable
Makes space tab to tab stop, stopping at columns 10, 16, 35, and then spacing.
Space is put on tab in case it is needed. * reads a comment in echo area and
then inserts it (hence, *'d lines can contain spaces without space macro
running). The comment is inserted before the current line and leaves cursor
before the next line.^R Insert arg spaces^R Insert a comment5IBM370 Mode
^R IBM370 Space
^R IBM370 Comment