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!* []DXX:<EMACS>JOURNAL.EMACS.38,  5-Apr-96 18:15:18, Edit by ALDERSON!
!* Change naming convention for libraries from FOO.:EJ to FOO.ELIB on Tops-20!

!~Filename~:! !Write and replay journal files!
!& Setup Journal Library:! !S Initialize variables and flags.!

    f[d file
    fs hsname fs dsname	    !* Set up the default journal file names.!
    fs osteco"e
      fs xuname fs d fn1
    "# etdsk:emacs.journal'
    0fo..qJournal_Filenamef"n fs d file'  !* Any specified filename components override.!
    fs d file m.vJournal_Filename !* The result is the name we will use.!
    m.m&_Journal_Macro FS JRN MAC !* Set up macro for colons and ^G's in journal file.!
!Start Journal File:! !C Start writing a journal file.
With argument, writes a checkpoint (ESAVE) file first.!

    m(m.m Save_All_Files)
    f[d file
    fshsnamefs dsname
    fs osteco"e etdsk:ts_esave'   !* Set up filenames of checkpoint file.!
    "# et esave.exe'
    1:< @ed>			    !* Delete old checkpoint.!
      qEditor_Name[1		    !* Maybe dump a new one.!
      q..lm.V MM_&_Startup_1 ]1
      q..l( q..p(
      fs:ejpage(		    !* Must not use m.a because!
        f[d file
        :ejemacs;purify_elib	    !* it loses to have a saved value of fs:ejpage!
	f]d file
        m(m.mDump_Environment)    !* on the qreg pdl.!
      )u..p )u..l'
    f]d file
    qJournal_Filenamef[d file
    :fs jrn open
    1:< ed >
    5,f Journal_Filenameu1
    fs d file uJournal_Filename
    fs jrn open
    1fs mode change
!* Describe current bfrs, files, libs, etc.!
    500f[ jrn interval		    !* Temp increase of buffer size!
    f] jrn interval
    1:< fs jrn update >	    !* Force Journal out now.!
!End Journal File:! !C Stop writing a journal file.!

!* Note: A journal file is likely to call this command as the last thing.
Ignore that call.!
    fs jrn in"n '

    :fs jrn open
    1fs mode change
!Replay Journal File:! !C Replay a journal file.
Takes filename as string argument; default is the name we would write.!

    QJournal_Filenamef[d file
    5,f Journal_Filename[1
    m(m.mSave_All_Files)	    !* Offer to save modified buffers.!
    et1 fs jrn exec
!& Journal Macro:! !S FS JRN MAC.!

      [..J :I..J Clean_up_after_asynchronous_quit
      1f[jrn inhibit
    -:"N @feUJC fserr'
    m.m &_Journal_Number[2
    < fs jrn readu1
      q1-"e -1fsquit'	    !* :^G means simply quit, no recursive edit.!
      q1-."e			    !* Point means set point to following number.!
        m2j !<!>'
      q1-W"e			    !* W means set Window to following number and exit.!
        m2fswindow 0;'
      q1-B"e :m(m.m &_Journal_Verify_Buffers)'   !* B means verify buffers and exit.!
      q1-32"e 0;'		    !* Space means all done.!
      @feUJC fs err		    !* Anything else is an error.!
!& Journal Number:! !S Read decimal number from journal file.
The terminating character should be a space or Altmode.
It is discarded.!

    0[1 [2
    < fs jrn readu2
      q2-0"l 0;'
      q2-9"g 0;'
      q1*10+q2-0u1 >
    q2-"n q2-32"n @fe UJC fs err''
!& Journal String:! !S Read string from journal file, terminated by Altmode.!

    f[b bind [1		    !* Accumulate it in a temp buffer.!
    < fs jrn readu1
      q1-@;			    !* Stop at altmode.!
      q1i >
    hx* 			    !* Turn bfr contents into a string.!
!& Journal Point:! !S Record current point and FS WINDOW in journal file.
Format is ":.digits Wdigits ".!

    :I* FS JRN WR 
    :MA			    !* First write a colon so FS JRN MAC will read!
    .MA			    !* what follows.  Then ".digits Wdigits"!
    .:\MA			    !* Output string containing the digits of point.!
    _MA			    !* Terminate with a space.!
    WMA			    !* Window is similar but W instead of Period.!
!& Journal Describe Buffers:! !S Record current status of buffers, files, etc.
Nonzero argument means describe only the libraries.!

!*Output a string to the journal file that looks like
 FOORMS; FOO >6Fundamental76901065XMTECO; DEFAUL FILENM2
Commands start on next line

The line starting with altmode instead of space marks the end.
It contains the name of the current buffer, then that of the previous buffer.
The format of each line is
 bfr namefilenamesfile versionmajor modepointbzmodifxmodifteco default filenamesbuffer number
If the version is not numeric, we write 0.
Modif is "M" if FS MODIFIED should be set, else space.
The "variables" line contains the current buffer, the previous buffer,
and Next Bfr Number.
    :I* FS JRN WR 	    !* MA writes arg (char or string) to journal file.!
    :I* MA MA [B	    !* MB writes arg to journal file followed by Altmode.!
    :MA			    !* First write a colon so FS JRN MAC will read!
    :I*BuffersMB		    !* what follows.  Then Buffers indicating buffer status.!
    0[0 [2			    !* Q0 is index of buffer we are talking about.!
    FQ.B/5[1			    !* Q1 gets length of bfr table, in words.!
    < 15.MA 12.MA		    !* Separate buffers with CRLF.!
      Q0-Q1;			    !* Stop after all buffers handled.!
      :@;			    !* Don't describe any buffers if making checkpoint also.!
      Q:.B(Q0+1!*bufnam!)MB	    !* Output bfr name, filename,!
      Q:.B(Q0+2!*bufvis!)F"N MA' MA
      0MA			    !* A zero to be the version # if there is nothing else.!
        1:< ER2 EC FS IF VERSF"L *0':\MA >'    !* file version,!
      Q:.B(Q0+3!*bufmod!)MB	    !* major mode.!
	.:\MB			    !* Then output position in buffer!
	B:\MB			    !* and virtual bounds.!
      Q:.B(Q0+5!*buftdf!)MB	    !* Output TECO default filenames.!
      Q:.B(Q0+7!*bufnum!):\MB	    !* Output buffer number.!
      Q:.B(Q0)+Q0U0 >		    !* Advance to next buffer.!
    F[B BIND
    :I*LibrariesMB		    !* "Libraries" at start of line!
    [8 [9			    !* means library names follow.!
    fs:ejpage*5120+400000000000.u8 !* 1st library address in q8!
    < -fq8;
      1,q8m.m~filename~u9	    !* Get next library's name!
      j g9 i		    !* Insert name followed by Altmode in buffer.!
      q8+fq8+4u8>		    !* Look at all libraries, most recently loaded first.!
    ZJ I

!* Buffer has names of libraries, in order loaded, each terminated by Altmode,
followed by another Altmode and a CRLF.!
    :I*VariablesMB		    !* Variables at start of line means!
    QBuffer_NameMB		    !* now come values of these variables.!
!& Journal Verify Buffers:! !S Set up buffers for replaying journal file.!
!* Called when the ":B" is read which was written by & Journal Describe Buffers.!

    :I* FS JRN READ 
    M.M &_Journal_Number
    M.M &_Journal_String
    [1 [2 [3 [4
    MS				    !* Skip "Buffers"!
    < MA MA			    !* Discard CRLF.!
      MAU1 Q1-32:@;		    !* Next line doesn't start with space => buffers finished!
      Q1-32"N @FEUJC FS ERR'	    !* Starts with space => another buffer described.!
      MSM(M.M Select_Buffer)
      MSU1			    !* Get filename!
      MNU2			    !* Get version number!
	1:<ER1>"E FS IF VERSF"L *0'-Q2U3'
	          "# 0U3'	    !* If file doesn't exist => clear flag.!
	0FS Modified		    !* Make sure this is cleared.!
	M(M.M Visit_File)
	Q3"N @FT File_1__remembered_version_not_latest_version.
	  < @FT__Proceed_anyway?   !* Get confirmation if versions!
	  1f[ jrn inhibit
	  1,1M(M.M&_Yes_or_No)U4   !*   do not match.!
	  f] jrn inhibit
	  Q4"E :fs jrn exec 0''' !* Quit replay if answer was No.!
      "# 0uBuffer_Filenames'
      MSU1			    !* Get major mode.!
      FQ1"G F~Mode1"N	    !* If mode not already in effect, switch to it.!
        M(M.M 1_Mode)''
      MN:J			    !* read in and reset point, B and Z.!
      1:< MNFS VB>
      1:< Z-(MN)FS VZ>
      MAU1 MAW Q1-_FS MODIF	    !* Set modified flags as remembered.!
      MSU:.B(Q1+5!*buftdf!)	    !* Read in TECO default filenames!
      MNU:.B(Q1+7!*bufnum!)	    !* read in buffer number.!
    MSU1			    !* Skip "ibraries"!
    F~1 ibraries"N @FE UJC FS ERR'
    < MSU1 -FQ1;		    !* Read strings till we get a null string.!
      1,Q1M(M.M &_Get_Library_Pointer)"E  !* If a library isn't loaded already,!
        M(M.M Load_Library)1' > !* load it now.!
    MSU1			    !* Skip the CRLF and "Variables"!
Variables"N @FE UJC FS ERR'
    MSM(M.M Select_Buffer)	    !* Select the right buffer.!
    MS				    !* Skip "Commands"!
    MAW MA			    !* Skip CRLF.!