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!~Filename~:! !Macros for editing C code!
!C Mode:! !& C Mode:! !& H Mode:! !C Set up for editing C code!

 m(m.m &_Init_Buffer_Locals)	    !* clear all local variables!
 1,(m.m ^R_C_Indent) m.q I	    !* tab tabs to tab stop!
 1,(m.m ^R_C_Block_Comment m.q ...*	    !* C-M-* makes block comment!

 1,40 m.l Comment_Column		!* start comments at column 40!
 1,(:i* +1) m.l Comment_Rounding	!* round columns to next possible!
 1,(:i* /*) m.l Comment_Start		!* comments start with slash star!
 1,(:i* /*_) m.l Comment_Begin	!* but add a space for legibility!
 1,(:i* _*/) m.l Comment_End		!* comments end with star slash!

m.l Label_Search_Prefix	!* function def begins with newline,!
m.l Label_Search_Suffix	!* ends with close paren at eoln!
 :i*A_(,	*) m.l Label_Content_Syntax !* chars inside!

 m.q..D 0FO..q C_..Df"n u..D'"#	!* set up character syntax table!
   q..Dm.vC ..D'		    !* remember for future calls to C mode!

 @:i*| m(m.m &_Exit_EMACS)
    | m.l Compile_Command

 1m(m.m &_Set_Mode_Line) C 	    !* set mode line, run hook, exit!
!^R C Indent:! !^R Indentation for C mode!

 [0[1[2[3[4			    !* Get some scratch space!

 .u0 0l @f_	l	    !* Find start of line!
 q0-."g				    !* After start of line?!
    q0j fsshposu1		    !* Yes, find current position!
    q1,(q1/4*4+4) m(m.m &_Xindent) !* Indent to next stop after that!
    q0,.'			    !* And return with changed area!

 @f_	l fsshposu4	    !* Save current indentation!

 .u0 fnq0j			    !* Save point!
 0,1a-}"e 4'"# 0'u3		    !* Remember if line starts with a close!
 -:s/**/u1			    !* See whether in comment!
 q1+1"e fsshposu2'		    !* Yes, align to comment begin!
 "# q0j < -@f
_	l  !* Find previous nonblank line!
    fsz-.f[vz 0l .f[vb	    !* Bound to previous line!
    0u2 zj			    !* Back to end!
    :<-ful 0,1a-{"n fsshpos+1u2' !* Normal open paren, use its place!
      "# 0l @f	_l	    !* Open bracket, find start of line!
         fsshpos+4u2' >	    !* and indent four from there!
    q2"e j :<ful -1u2>'		    !* See if we end some paren list!
    q2"e zj 0l @f	_l fsshposu2'	    !* Balanced parens, just use start!
    f]vb f]vz			    !* Undo virtual bounds!
    q2; -fll >'			    !* Loop for unmatched close parens!

 q0j 0l .u0			    !* Find start of original line!
 q2-q3-q4"e q4+4'"# q2-q3'm(m.m &_Indent)  !* Space over however much!
 q1+1"e 2f=**"n i**_''	    !* Continue block comment!
 q0,.(.u0)			    !* Return with modified range!
!^R C Block Comment:! !^R Start making block comment after point!

 .[0 fsshpos[1 i/* 
	    !* Make first line of comment!
 0,q1m(m.m &_Xindent)		    !* Indent second line!
 i**_ .[2			    !* Start blocking and remember point!
 0,q1m(m.m &_Xindent)	    !* Indent third line!
 q0,.(q2j)	    !* Make third line and return!