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m.m& Make Usage Abbrev Variable
MVX $atom PCL Abbrev$ATOM0
MVX $close PCL Abbrev$CLOSE0
MVX $connecteddirectory PCL Abbrev$CONNECTEDDIRECTORY0
MVX $cr PCL Abbrev$CR0
MVX $crlf PCL Abbrev$CRLF0
MVX $curtad PCL Abbrev$CURTAD0
MVX $cvcti PCL Abbrev$CVCTI0
MVX $cvitc PCL Abbrev$CVITC0
MVX $date PCL Abbrev$DATE0
MVX $emacsterminal PCL Abbrev$EMACSTERMINAL0
MVX $eof PCL Abbrev$EOF0
MVX $expandtad PCL Abbrev$EXPANDTAD0
MVX $fileinfo_i PCL Abbrev$FILEINFO_I0
MVX $fileinfo_s PCL Abbrev$FILEINFO_S0
MVX $filel PCL Abbrev$FILEL0
MVX $filen PCL Abbrev$FILEN0
MVX $files PCL Abbrev$FILES0
MVX $filev PCL Abbrev$FILEV0
MVX $file_dev PCL Abbrev$FILE_DEV0
MVX $file_dir PCL Abbrev$FILE_DIR0
MVX $file_nam PCL Abbrev$FILE_NAM0
MVX $file_typ PCL Abbrev$FILE_TYP0
MVX $input PCL Abbrev$INPUT0
MVX $inputtad PCL Abbrev$INPUTTAD0
MVX $integer PCL Abbrev$INTEGER0
MVX $jobno PCL Abbrev$JOBNO0
MVX $lasterrcode PCL Abbrev$LASTERRCODE0
MVX $lasterror PCL Abbrev$LASTERROR0
MVX $length PCL Abbrev$LENGTH0
MVX $mergetad PCL Abbrev$MERGETAD0
MVX $nextfile PCL Abbrev$NEXTFILE0
MVX $nul PCL Abbrev$NUL0
MVX $open PCL Abbrev$OPEN0
MVX $output PCL Abbrev$OUTPUT0
MVX $outputtad PCL Abbrev$OUTPUTTAD0
MVX $prompenbsub PCL Abbrev$PROMPENBSUB0
MVX $promptenb PCL Abbrev$PROMPTENB0
MVX $promptreg PCL Abbrev$PROMPTREG0
MVX $promptsub PCL Abbrev$PROMPTSUB0
MVX $quote PCL Abbrev$QUOTE0
MVX $read PCL Abbrev$READ0
MVX $readbinary PCL Abbrev$READBINARY0
MVX $search PCL Abbrev$SEARCH0
MVX $searchraised PCL Abbrev$SEARCHRAISED0
MVX $string PCL Abbrev$STRING0
MVX $termnumber PCL Abbrev$TERMNUMBER0
MVX $termwidth PCL Abbrev$TERMWIDTH0
MVX $time PCL Abbrev$TIME0
MVX $ttype PCL Abbrev$TTYPE0
MVX $typeahead_count PCL Abbrev$TYPEAHEAD_COUNT0
MVX $username PCL Abbrev$USERNAME0
MVX $value PCL Abbrev$VALUE0
MVX $wait PCL Abbrev$WAIT0
MVX $write PCL Abbrev$WRITE0
MVX /confirm PCL Abbrev/CONFIRM0
MVX /noconfirm PCL Abbrev/NOCONFIRM0
MVX abort PCL AbbrevABORT0
MVX argument PCL AbbrevARGUMENT0
MVX begin PCL AbbrevBEGIN0
MVX binary PCL AbbrevBINARY0
MVX call PCL AbbrevCALL0
MVX case PCL AbbrevCASE0
MVX cleartypeout PCL AbbrevCLEARTYPEOUT0
MVX comma PCL AbbrevCOMMA0
MVX command PCL AbbrevCOMMAND0
MVX date PCL AbbrevDATE0
MVX daytime PCL AbbrevDAYTIME0
MVX declare PCL AbbrevDECLARE0
MVX default PCL AbbrevDEFAULT0
MVX default_dev PCL AbbrevDEFAULT_DEV0
MVX default_dir PCL AbbrevDEFAULT_DIR0
MVX default_ext PCL AbbrevDEFAULT_EXT0
MVX default_gen PCL AbbrevDEFAULT_GEN0
MVX default_nam PCL AbbrevDEFAULT_NAM0
MVX deleted PCL AbbrevDELETED0
MVX device PCL AbbrevDEVICE0
MVX directory PCL AbbrevDIRECTORY0
MVX display PCL AbbrevDISPLAY0
MVX do PCL AbbrevDO0
MVX docommand PCL AbbrevDOCOMMAND0
MVX else PCL AbbrevELSE0
MVX end PCL AbbrevEND0
MVX environment PCL AbbrevENVIRONMENT0
MVX eol PCL AbbrevEOL0
MVX eql PCL AbbrevEQL0
MVX error PCL AbbrevERROR0
MVX exit PCL AbbrevEXIT0
MVX external PCL AbbrevEXTERNAL0
MVX field PCL AbbrevFIELD0
MVX file PCL AbbrevFILE0
MVX filelist PCL AbbrevFILELIST0
MVX from PCL AbbrevFROM0
MVX geq PCL AbbrevGEQ0
MVX get PCL AbbrevGET0
MVX gettypeout PCL AbbrevGETTYPEOUT0
MVX goto PCL AbbrevGOTO0
MVX gtr PCL AbbrevGTR0
MVX guide PCL AbbrevGUIDE0
MVX help PCL AbbrevHELP0
MVX if PCL AbbrevIF0
MVX input PCL AbbrevINPUT0
MVX inputfile PCL AbbrevINPUTFILE0
MVX inrange PCL AbbrevINRANGE0
MVX integer PCL AbbrevINTEGER0
MVX integer-variable PCL AbbrevINTEGER-VARIABLE0
MVX invisible PCL AbbrevINVISIBLE0
MVX invoke PCL AbbrevINVOKE0
MVX keyword PCL AbbrevKEYWORD0
MVX killprogram PCL AbbrevKILLPROGRAM0
MVX leq PCL AbbrevLEQ0
MVX let PCL AbbrevLET0
MVX lss PCL AbbrevLSS0
MVX neq PCL AbbrevNEQ0
MVX node PCL AbbrevNODE0
MVX nohelp PCL AbbrevNOHELP0
MVX noindirect PCL AbbrevNOINDIRECT0
MVX noise PCL AbbrevNOISE0
MVX nooriginal PCL AbbrevNOORIGINAL0
MVX nop PCL AbbrevNOP0
MVX nopguide PCL AbbrevNOPGUIDE0
MVX noreturn PCL AbbrevNORETURN0
MVX number PCL AbbrevNUMBER0
MVX of PCL AbbrevOF0
MVX original PCL AbbrevORIGINAL0
MVX otherwise PCL AbbrevOTHERWISE0
MVX output PCL AbbrevOUTPUT0
MVX outputfile PCL AbbrevOUTPUTFILE0
MVX parse PCL AbbrevPARSE0
MVX parseonly PCL AbbrevPARSEONLY0
MVX passoutput PCL AbbrevPASSOUTPUT0
MVX pcl-routines PCL AbbrevPCL-ROUTINES0
MVX procedure PCL AbbrevPROCEDURE0
MVX prompt PCL AbbrevPROMPT0
MVX quotedstring PCL AbbrevQUOTEDSTRING0
MVX radix PCL AbbrevRADIX0
MVX return PCL AbbrevRETURN0
MVX save PCL AbbrevSAVE0
MVX select PCL AbbrevSELECT0
MVX set PCL AbbrevSET0
MVX stdhelp PCL AbbrevSTDHELP0
MVX string PCL AbbrevSTRING0
MVX string-variable PCL AbbrevSTRING-VARIABLE0
MVX switch PCL AbbrevSWITCH0
MVX synonym PCL AbbrevSYNONYM0
MVX text PCL AbbrevTEXT0
MVX then PCL AbbrevTHEN0
MVX time PCL AbbrevTIME0
MVX to PCL AbbrevTO0
MVX token PCL AbbrevTOKEN0
MVX toprogram PCL AbbrevTOPROGRAM0
MVX typein PCL AbbrevTYPEIN0
MVX until PCL AbbrevUNTIL0
MVX username PCL AbbrevUSERNAME0
MVX while PCL AbbrevWHILE0
MVX wild PCL AbbrevWILD0
MVX with PCL AbbrevWITH0
MVX words PCL AbbrevWORDS0