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m.m& Make Usage Abbrev Variable
MVX $pint SAIL Abbrev$PINT0
MVX $pitm SAIL Abbrev$PITM0
MVX $plst SAIL Abbrev$PLST0
MVX $prec SAIL Abbrev$PREC0
MVX $prel SAIL Abbrev$PREL0
MVX $print SAIL Abbrev$PRINT0
MVX $pset SAIL Abbrev$PSET0
MVX $pstr SAIL Abbrev$PSTR0
MVX abs SAIL AbbrevABS0
MVX access SAIL AbbrevACCESS0
MVX acos SAIL AbbrevACOS0
MVX after SAIL AbbrevAFTER0
MVX all SAIL AbbrevALL0
MVX allglobal SAIL AbbrevALLGLOBAL0
MVX and SAIL AbbrevAND0
MVX answer SAIL AbbrevANSWER0
MVX anyclass SAIL AbbrevANYCLASS0
MVX any!class SAIL AbbrevANY!CLASS0
MVX apply SAIL AbbrevAPPLY0
MVX arglist SAIL AbbrevARGLIST0
MVX arg!list SAIL AbbrevARG!LIST0
MVX array SAIL AbbrevARRAY0
MVX arrblt SAIL AbbrevARRBLT0
MVX arrclr SAIL AbbrevARRCLR0
MVX arrinfo SAIL AbbrevARRINFO0
MVX arrtran SAIL AbbrevARRTRAN0
MVX arryin SAIL AbbrevARRYIN0
MVX arryout SAIL AbbrevARRYOUT0
MVX ash SAIL AbbrevASH0
MVX asin SAIL AbbrevASIN0
MVX askntc SAIL AbbrevASKNTC0
MVX asnd SAIL AbbrevASND0
MVX assign SAIL AbbrevASSIGN0
MVX assignc SAIL AbbrevASSIGNC0
MVX assoc SAIL AbbrevASSOC0
MVX atan SAIL AbbrevATAN0
MVX atan2 SAIL AbbrevATAN20
MVX ati SAIL AbbrevATI0
MVX bbpp. SAIL AbbrevBBPP.0
MVX before SAIL AbbrevBEFORE0
MVX begin SAIL AbbrevBEGIN0
MVX bind SAIL AbbrevBIND0
MVX bindit SAIL AbbrevBINDIT0
MVX bkjfn SAIL AbbrevBKJFN0
MVX boolean SAIL AbbrevBOOLEAN0
MVX breakset SAIL AbbrevBREAKSET0
MVX buckets SAIL AbbrevBUCKETS0
MVX builtin SAIL AbbrevBUILTIN0
MVX built!in SAIL AbbrevBUILT!IN0
MVX call SAIL AbbrevCALL0
MVX caller SAIL AbbrevCALLER0
MVX case SAIL AbbrevCASE0
MVX casec SAIL AbbrevCASEC0
MVX cause SAIL AbbrevCAUSE0
MVX cause1 SAIL AbbrevCAUSE10
MVX cfile SAIL AbbrevCFILE0
MVX charin SAIL AbbrevCHARIN0
MVX charout SAIL AbbrevCHAROUT0
MVX checktype SAIL AbbrevCHECKTYPE0
MVX check!type SAIL AbbrevCHECK!TYPE0
MVX chfdb SAIL AbbrevCHFDB0
MVX chncdb SAIL AbbrevCHNCDB0
MVX cleanup SAIL AbbrevCLEANUP0
MVX clkmod SAIL AbbrevCLKMOD0
MVX close SAIL AbbrevCLOSE0
MVX closf SAIL AbbrevCLOSF0
MVX closin SAIL AbbrevCLOSIN0
MVX closo SAIL AbbrevCLOSO0
MVX clrbuf SAIL AbbrevCLRBUF0
MVX cndir SAIL AbbrevCNDIR0
MVX code SAIL AbbrevCODE0
MVX comment SAIL AbbrevCOMMENT0
MVX compilerbanner SAIL AbbrevCOMPILERBANNER0
MVX compilerswitches SAIL AbbrevCOMPILERSWITCHES0
MVX compiler!banner SAIL AbbrevCOMPILER!BANNER0
MVX compiler!switches SAIL AbbrevCOMPILER!SWITCHES0
MVX conok SAIL AbbrevCONOK0
MVX context SAIL AbbrevCONTEXT0
MVX continue SAIL AbbrevCONTINUE0
MVX cop SAIL AbbrevCOP0
MVX cos SAIL AbbrevCOS0
MVX cosd SAIL AbbrevCOSD0
MVX cosh SAIL AbbrevCOSH0
MVX cprint SAIL AbbrevCPRINT0
MVX cv6str SAIL AbbrevCV6STR0
MVX cvasc SAIL AbbrevCVASC0
MVX cvastr SAIL AbbrevCVASTR0
MVX cvd SAIL AbbrevCVD0
MVX cve SAIL AbbrevCVE0
MVX cvf SAIL AbbrevCVF0
MVX cvfil SAIL AbbrevCVFIL0
MVX cvg SAIL AbbrevCVG0
MVX cvi SAIL AbbrevCVI0
MVX cvis SAIL AbbrevCVIS0
MVX cvjfn SAIL AbbrevCVJFN0
MVX cvlist SAIL AbbrevCVLIST0
MVX cvms SAIL AbbrevCVMS0
MVX cvn SAIL AbbrevCVN0
MVX cvo SAIL AbbrevCVO0
MVX cvos SAIL AbbrevCVOS0
MVX cvps SAIL AbbrevCVPS0
MVX cvs SAIL AbbrevCVS0
MVX cvset SAIL AbbrevCVSET0
MVX cvsi SAIL AbbrevCVSI0
MVX cvsix SAIL AbbrevCVSIX0
MVX cvstr SAIL AbbrevCVSTR0
MVX cvxstr SAIL AbbrevCVXSTR0
MVX datum SAIL AbbrevDATUM0
MVX ddfint SAIL AbbrevDDFINT0
MVX declaration SAIL AbbrevDECLARATION0
MVX define SAIL AbbrevDEFINE0
MVX delpname SAIL AbbrevDELPNAME0
MVX del!pname SAIL AbbrevDEL!PNAME0
MVX delete SAIL AbbrevDELETE0
MVX delimiters SAIL AbbrevDELIMITERS0
MVX dependents SAIL AbbrevDEPENDENTS0
MVX devst SAIL AbbrevDEVST0
MVX devtype SAIL AbbrevDEVTYPE0
MVX dfcpkt SAIL AbbrevDFCPKT0
MVX dfr1in SAIL AbbrevDFR1IN0
MVX dfrint SAIL AbbrevDFRINT0
MVX dirst SAIL AbbrevDIRST0
MVX disable SAIL AbbrevDISABLE0
MVX div SAIL AbbrevDIV0
MVX do SAIL AbbrevDO0
MVX doc SAIL AbbrevDOC0
MVX done SAIL AbbrevDONE0
MVX dpb SAIL AbbrevDPB0
MVX dti SAIL AbbrevDTI0
MVX dvchr SAIL AbbrevDVCHR0
MVX edfile SAIL AbbrevEDFILE0
MVX else SAIL AbbrevELSE0
MVX elsec SAIL AbbrevELSEC0
MVX enable SAIL AbbrevENABLE0
MVX end SAIL AbbrevEND0
MVX endc SAIL AbbrevENDC0
MVX enter SAIL AbbrevENTER0
MVX entry SAIL AbbrevENTRY0
MVX equ SAIL AbbrevEQU0
MVX eqv SAIL AbbrevEQV0
MVX erase SAIL AbbrevERASE0
MVX ermsbf SAIL AbbrevERMSBF0
MVX errormodes SAIL AbbrevERRORMODES0
MVX error!modes SAIL AbbrevERROR!MODES0
MVX erstr SAIL AbbrevERSTR0
MVX evaldefine SAIL AbbrevEVALDEFINE0
MVX evalredefine SAIL AbbrevEVALREDEFINE0
MVX eventtype SAIL AbbrevEVENTTYPE0
MVX event!type SAIL AbbrevEVENT!TYPE0
MVX exp SAIL AbbrevEXP0
MVX exprtype SAIL AbbrevEXPRTYPE0
MVX expr!type SAIL AbbrevEXPR!TYPE0
MVX external SAIL AbbrevEXTERNAL0
MVX fail SAIL AbbrevFAIL0
MVX false SAIL AbbrevFALSE0
MVX fileinfo SAIL AbbrevFILEINFO0
MVX first SAIL AbbrevFIRST0
MVX fo SAIL AbbrevFO0
MVX for SAIL AbbrevFOR0
MVX forc SAIL AbbrevFORC0
MVX foreach SAIL AbbrevFOREACH0
MVX forget SAIL AbbrevFORGET0
MVX forlc SAIL AbbrevFORLC0
MVX fortran SAIL AbbrevFORTRAN0
MVX forward SAIL AbbrevFORWARD0
MVX from SAIL AbbrevFROM0
MVX gdsts SAIL AbbrevGDSTS0
MVX geq SAIL AbbrevGEQ0
MVX getbreak SAIL AbbrevGETBREAK0
MVX getchan SAIL AbbrevGETCHAN0
MVX getformat SAIL AbbrevGETFORMAT0
MVX getprint SAIL AbbrevGETPRINT0
MVX gjinf SAIL AbbrevGJINF0
MVX global SAIL AbbrevGLOBAL0
MVX gnjfn SAIL AbbrevGNJFN0
MVX goto SAIL AbbrevGOTO0
MVX gtad SAIL AbbrevGTAD0
MVX gtfdb SAIL AbbrevGTFDB0
MVX gtjfn SAIL AbbrevGTJFN0
MVX gtrpw SAIL AbbrevGTRPW0
MVX gtsts SAIL AbbrevGTSTS0
MVX gttyp SAIL AbbrevGTTYP0
MVX ibp SAIL AbbrevIBP0
MVX idpb SAIL AbbrevIDPB0
MVX idtim SAIL AbbrevIDTIM0
MVX if SAIL AbbrevIF0
MVX ifc SAIL AbbrevIFC0
MVX ifcr SAIL AbbrevIFCR0
MVX ildb SAIL AbbrevILDB0
MVX incontext SAIL AbbrevINCONTEXT0
MVX in SAIL AbbrevIN0
MVX in!context SAIL AbbrevIN!CONTEXT0
MVX inchrs SAIL AbbrevINCHRS0
MVX inchrw SAIL AbbrevINCHRW0
MVX inchsl SAIL AbbrevINCHSL0
MVX inchwl SAIL AbbrevINCHWL0
MVX indexfile SAIL AbbrevINDEXFILE0
MVX inf SAIL AbbrevINF0
MVX initialization SAIL AbbrevINITIALIZATION0
MVX input SAIL AbbrevINPUT0
MVX instr SAIL AbbrevINSTR0
MVX instrl SAIL AbbrevINSTRL0
MVX instrs SAIL AbbrevINSTRS0
MVX integer SAIL AbbrevINTEGER0
MVX inter SAIL AbbrevINTER0
MVX internal SAIL AbbrevINTERNAL0
MVX interrogate SAIL AbbrevINTERROGATE0
MVX intin SAIL AbbrevINTIN0
MVX intmap SAIL AbbrevINTMAP0
MVX intpro SAIL AbbrevINTPRO0
MVX intscan SAIL AbbrevINTSCAN0
MVX intset SAIL AbbrevINTSET0
MVX inttbl SAIL AbbrevINTTBL0
MVX intty SAIL AbbrevINTTY0
MVX istriple SAIL AbbrevISTRIPLE0
MVX itemstart SAIL AbbrevITEMSTART0
MVX item SAIL AbbrevITEM0
MVX item!start SAIL AbbrevITEM!START0
MVX itemvar SAIL AbbrevITEMVAR0
MVX jfns SAIL AbbrevJFNS0
MVX jfnsl SAIL AbbrevJFNSL0
MVX join SAIL AbbrevJOIN0
MVX killset SAIL AbbrevKILLSET0
MVX kill!set SAIL AbbrevKILL!SET0
MVX kpsitime SAIL AbbrevKPSITIME0
MVX label SAIL AbbrevLABEL0
MVX land SAIL AbbrevLAND0
MVX ldb SAIL AbbrevLDB0
MVX leaparray SAIL AbbrevLEAPARRAY0
MVX leap!array SAIL AbbrevLEAP!ARRAY0
MVX length SAIL AbbrevLENGTH0
MVX leq SAIL AbbrevLEQ0
MVX let SAIL AbbrevLET0
MVX library SAIL AbbrevLIBRARY0
MVX linout SAIL AbbrevLINOUT0
MVX list SAIL AbbrevLIST0
MVX listc SAIL AbbrevLISTC0
MVX listo SAIL AbbrevLISTO0
MVX listx SAIL AbbrevLISTX0
MVX lnot SAIL AbbrevLNOT0
MVX loadmodule SAIL AbbrevLOADMODULE0
MVX load!module SAIL AbbrevLOAD!MODULE0
MVX location SAIL AbbrevLOCATION0
MVX log SAIL AbbrevLOG0
MVX long SAIL AbbrevLONG0
MVX lookup SAIL AbbrevLOOKUP0
MVX lop SAIL AbbrevLOP0
MVX lor SAIL AbbrevLOR0
MVX lsh SAIL AbbrevLSH0
MVX mac SAIL AbbrevMAC0
MVX mainpi SAIL AbbrevMAINPI0
MVX mainpr SAIL AbbrevMAINPR0
MVX make SAIL AbbrevMAKE0
MVX matching SAIL AbbrevMATCHING0
MVX max SAIL AbbrevMAX0
MVX memory SAIL AbbrevMEMORY0
MVX message SAIL AbbrevMESSAGE0
MVX min SAIL AbbrevMIN0
MVX mkevtt SAIL AbbrevMKEVTT0
MVX mod SAIL AbbrevMOD0
MVX mtape SAIL AbbrevMTAPE0
MVX mtopr SAIL AbbrevMTOPR0
MVX myproc SAIL AbbrevMYPROC0
MVX neednext SAIL AbbrevNEEDNEXT0
MVX neq SAIL AbbrevNEQ0
MVX newitems SAIL AbbrevNEWITEMS0
MVX newpname SAIL AbbrevNEWPNAME0
MVX newrecord SAIL AbbrevNEWRECORD0
MVX new SAIL AbbrevNEW0
MVX new!items SAIL AbbrevNEW!ITEMS0
MVX new!pname SAIL AbbrevNEW!PNAME0
MVX new!record SAIL AbbrevNEW!RECORD0
MVX next SAIL AbbrevNEXT0
MVX nil SAIL AbbrevNIL0
MVX nomac SAIL AbbrevNOMAC0
MVX not SAIL AbbrevNOT0
MVX nowsafe SAIL AbbrevNOWSAFE0
MVX nowunsafe SAIL AbbrevNOWUNSAFE0
MVX now!safe SAIL AbbrevNOW!SAFE0
MVX now!unsafe SAIL AbbrevNOW!UNSAFE0
MVX nullcontext SAIL AbbrevNULLCONTEXT0
MVX nulldelimiters SAIL AbbrevNULLDELIMITERS0
MVX nullrecord SAIL AbbrevNULLRECORD0
MVX null SAIL AbbrevNULL0
MVX null!context SAIL AbbrevNULL!CONTEXT0
MVX null!delimiters SAIL AbbrevNULL!DELIMITERS0
MVX null!record SAIL AbbrevNULL!RECORD0
MVX odtim SAIL AbbrevODTIM0
MVX of SAIL AbbrevOF0
MVX ofc SAIL AbbrevOFC0
MVX open SAIL AbbrevOPEN0
MVX openf SAIL AbbrevOPENF0
MVX openfile SAIL AbbrevOPENFILE0
MVX or SAIL AbbrevOR0
MVX out SAIL AbbrevOUT0
MVX outchr SAIL AbbrevOUTCHR0
MVX outstr SAIL AbbrevOUTSTR0
MVX own SAIL AbbrevOWN0
MVX pbin SAIL AbbrevPBIN0
MVX pbout SAIL AbbrevPBOUT0
MVX phi SAIL AbbrevPHI0
MVX pmap SAIL AbbrevPMAP0
MVX pnames SAIL AbbrevPNAMES0
MVX point SAIL AbbrevPOINT0
MVX poll SAIL AbbrevPOLL0
MVX pollinginterval SAIL AbbrevPOLLINGINTERVAL0
MVX polling!interval SAIL AbbrevPOLLING!INTERVAL0
MVX preloadwith SAIL AbbrevPRELOADWITH0
MVX preload!with SAIL AbbrevPRELOAD!WITH0
MVX presetwith SAIL AbbrevPRESETWITH0
MVX preset!with SAIL AbbrevPRESET!WITH0
MVX print SAIL AbbrevPRINT0
MVX priset SAIL AbbrevPRISET0
MVX procedure SAIL AbbrevPROCEDURE0
MVX processes SAIL AbbrevPROCESSES0
MVX protectacs SAIL AbbrevPROTECTACS0
MVX protect!acs SAIL AbbrevPROTECT!ACS0
MVX psidisms SAIL AbbrevPSIDISMS0
MVX psimap SAIL AbbrevPSIMAP0
MVX psiruntm SAIL AbbrevPSIRUNTM0
MVX psout SAIL AbbrevPSOUT0
MVX pstatus SAIL AbbrevPSTATUS0
MVX put SAIL AbbrevPUT0
MVX quickcode SAIL AbbrevQUICKCODE0
MVX quick!code SAIL AbbrevQUICK!CODE0
MVX ran SAIL AbbrevRAN0
MVX rchptr SAIL AbbrevRCHPTR0
MVX rdseg SAIL AbbrevRDSEG0
MVX real SAIL AbbrevREAL0
MVX realin SAIL AbbrevREALIN0
MVX realscan SAIL AbbrevREALSCAN0
MVX recordclass SAIL AbbrevRECORDCLASS0
MVX recordpointer SAIL AbbrevRECORDPOINTER0
MVX record!class SAIL AbbrevRECORD!CLASS0
MVX record!pointer SAIL AbbrevRECORD!POINTER0
MVX recursive SAIL AbbrevRECURSIVE0
MVX redefine SAIL AbbrevREDEFINE0
MVX refitem SAIL AbbrevREFITEM0
MVX ref!item SAIL AbbrevREF!ITEM0
MVX reference SAIL AbbrevREFERENCE0
MVX relbreak SAIL AbbrevRELBREAK0
MVX reld SAIL AbbrevRELD0
MVX release SAIL AbbrevRELEASE0
MVX remember SAIL AbbrevREMEMBER0
MVX remove SAIL AbbrevREMOVE0
MVX rename SAIL AbbrevRENAME0
MVX replacedelimiters SAIL AbbrevREPLACEDELIMITERS0
MVX replace!delimiters SAIL AbbrevREPLACE!DELIMITERS0
MVX require SAIL AbbrevREQUIRE0
MVX reserved SAIL AbbrevRESERVED0
MVX restore SAIL AbbrevRESTORE0
MVX resume SAIL AbbrevRESUME0
MVX return SAIL AbbrevRETURN0
MVX rfbsz SAIL AbbrevRFBSZ0
MVX rfcoc SAIL AbbrevRFCOC0
MVX rfmod SAIL AbbrevRFMOD0
MVX rfptr SAIL AbbrevRFPTR0
MVX rljfn SAIL AbbrevRLJFN0
MVX rnamf SAIL AbbrevRNAMF0
MVX rot SAIL AbbrevROT0
MVX rtiw SAIL AbbrevRTIW0
MVX runprg SAIL AbbrevRUNPRG0
MVX runtm SAIL AbbrevRUNTM0
MVX rwdptr SAIL AbbrevRWDPTR0
MVX safe SAIL AbbrevSAFE0
MVX sameiv SAIL AbbrevSAMEIV0
MVX scan SAIL AbbrevSCAN0
MVX scanc SAIL AbbrevSCANC0
MVX schptr SAIL AbbrevSCHPTR0
MVX sdsts SAIL AbbrevSDSTS0
MVX second SAIL AbbrevSECOND0
MVX segmentfile SAIL AbbrevSEGMENTFILE0
MVX segmentname SAIL AbbrevSEGMENTNAME0
MVX segment!file SAIL AbbrevSEGMENT!FILE0
MVX segment!name SAIL AbbrevSEGMENT!NAME0
MVX set SAIL AbbrevSET0
MVX setbreak SAIL AbbrevSETBREAK0
MVX setc SAIL AbbrevSETC0
MVX setchan SAIL AbbrevSETCHAN0
MVX setcp SAIL AbbrevSETCP0
MVX setedit SAIL AbbrevSETEDIT0
MVX setformat SAIL AbbrevSETFORMAT0
MVX setinput SAIL AbbrevSETINPUT0
MVX setip SAIL AbbrevSETIP0
MVX seto SAIL AbbrevSETO0
MVX setpl SAIL AbbrevSETPL0
MVX setprint SAIL AbbrevSETPRINT0
MVX sfcoc SAIL AbbrevSFCOC0
MVX sfmod SAIL AbbrevSFMOD0
MVX sfptr SAIL AbbrevSFPTR0
MVX short SAIL AbbrevSHORT0
MVX simple SAIL AbbrevSIMPLE0
MVX sin SAIL AbbrevSIN0
MVX sind SAIL AbbrevSIND0
MVX sinh SAIL AbbrevSINH0
MVX sini SAIL AbbrevSINI0
MVX sizef SAIL AbbrevSIZEF0
MVX sourcefile SAIL AbbrevSOURCEFILE0
MVX source!file SAIL AbbrevSOURCE!FILE0
MVX sproutdefaults SAIL AbbrevSPROUTDEFAULTS0
MVX sprout SAIL AbbrevSPROUT0
MVX sprout!defaults SAIL AbbrevSPROUT!DEFAULTS0
MVX sqrt SAIL AbbrevSQRT0
MVX startcode SAIL AbbrevSTARTCODE0
MVX start!code SAIL AbbrevSTART!CODE0
MVX stdbrk SAIL AbbrevSTDBRK0
MVX stdef SAIL AbbrevSTDEF0
MVX stdir SAIL AbbrevSTDIR0
MVX step SAIL AbbrevSTEP0
MVX stepc SAIL AbbrevSTEPC0
MVX sti SAIL AbbrevSTI0
MVX stiw SAIL AbbrevSTIW0
MVX stpar SAIL AbbrevSTPAR0
MVX stringpdl SAIL AbbrevSTRINGPDL0
MVX stringspace SAIL AbbrevSTRINGSPACE0
MVX string SAIL AbbrevSTRING0
MVX string!pdl SAIL AbbrevSTRING!PDL0
MVX string!space SAIL AbbrevSTRING!SPACE0
MVX ststs SAIL AbbrevSTSTS0
MVX sttyp SAIL AbbrevSTTYP0
MVX subsr SAIL AbbrevSUBSR0
MVX subst SAIL AbbrevSUBST0
MVX succeed SAIL AbbrevSUCCEED0
MVX such SAIL AbbrevSUCH0
MVX suspend SAIL AbbrevSUSPEND0
MVX swap SAIL AbbrevSWAP0
MVX swdptr SAIL AbbrevSWDPTR0
MVX systempdl SAIL AbbrevSYSTEMPDL0
MVX system!pdl SAIL AbbrevSYSTEM!PDL0
MVX tanh SAIL AbbrevTANH0
MVX terminate SAIL AbbrevTERMINATE0
MVX that SAIL AbbrevTHAT0
MVX then SAIL AbbrevTHEN0
MVX thenc SAIL AbbrevTHENC0
MVX third SAIL AbbrevTHIRD0
MVX to SAIL AbbrevTO0
MVX trigini SAIL AbbrevTRIGINI0
MVX true SAIL AbbrevTRUE0
MVX ttyin SAIL AbbrevTTYIN0
MVX ttyinl SAIL AbbrevTTYINL0
MVX ttyins SAIL AbbrevTTYINS0
MVX ttyup SAIL AbbrevTTYUP0
MVX typeit SAIL AbbrevTYPEIT0
MVX undelete SAIL AbbrevUNDELETE0
MVX union SAIL AbbrevUNION0
MVX unstackdelimiters SAIL AbbrevUNSTACKDELIMITERS0
MVX unstack!delimiters SAIL AbbrevUNSTACK!DELIMITERS0
MVX until SAIL AbbrevUNTIL0
MVX untilc SAIL AbbrevUNTILC0
MVX urschd SAIL AbbrevURSCHD0
MVX usercon SAIL AbbrevUSERCON0
MVX usererr SAIL AbbrevUSERERR0
MVX useti SAIL AbbrevUSETI0
MVX useto SAIL AbbrevUSETO0
MVX value SAIL AbbrevVALUE0
MVX version SAIL AbbrevVERSION0
MVX while SAIL AbbrevWHILE0
MVX whilec SAIL AbbrevWHILEC0
MVX wordin SAIL AbbrevWORDIN0
MVX wordout SAIL AbbrevWORDOUT0
MVX xor SAIL AbbrevXOR0