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(W[0 +8+fq(+4)[1
fq1"l 0'
,q1:m(q1+4(]1]0))=^aj/vE05M+I:EXLXWX]bgAq~xf& Find Previous Send& Setup SEND LibraryReply to SendSendSend MessageTo
~DOC~ To~DOC~ What Send~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
[0 :i0'
fq0"E1,m(m.m & Read Line)Send to user:F"E w'u0'
:i1:F"G[1 :i1'fq1"E
    1,m(m.m & Read Line)Message:F"Ew'u1'

-(@Fzsys:send.exe 0 1
 f[b bind
fs unameu1
:i*No SENDS.TXTfserr'
u2 q2"E1u2'
zj -q2:s

"E b+1,z:G..o'"#.+3,z:G..o'+ M(M.M & Find Previous Send)[1 FT1T[0[1[2[3
 M(M.M & Find Previous Send)u1
f[b bind g1
:sTTY message+1"E
.u0 s, q0,.-1x1
:i2:F"G[2 :i2'fq2"E
1,m(m.m & Read Line)To 1:F"Ew'u2'
M(M.M Send Message)12$0fo..qSEND Setup Hookf"n[0m0w'-Send receive terminal messages on TOPS-20kC Send terminal message by invoking SEND program
Usage is MM Tousertext of message.  Because the SEND program
cannot communicate with EMACS, an error message, if any,
will be left on the screen and EMACS will not know about it)Return NUMARG previous sends as value\C Print messages from SENDS.TXT
Prints last NUMARG messages you received, defaults to 1sC Send to person sending last message
NUMARG = reply to that many messages previous to last one,
default is 1XS IVORY-Generated Setup -- Calls hook.
This object file was compressed on 2:28pm  Saturday, 24 October 1981
by K.KDO on LOTS from the following source libraries:

   PS:<K.KDO>SEND.EMACS.41,	10/24/81 14:25:39bSend Message
& Find Previous Send
What Send
Reply to Send
& Setup SEND Library
\+8+fq(+4)[2 0[3
< %3,-q2f2u3 q3&1@; q3"l 0' >
f[BBind q3-1*5,q3*5g2 q:..o(0)+q2