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!~Filename~:! !Send receive terminal messages on TOPS-20!
!Send Message:! !Send:! !To:!
!C Send terminal message by invoking SEND program
Usage is MM Tousertext of message.  Because the SEND program
cannot communicate with EMACS, an error message, if any,
will be left on the screen and EMACS will not know about it!
!* Send Message is the official name of this macro, which
   Reply will use.  Send and To are synonyms!
:i0			!* Start with null!
:F"G			!* See if from ^R!
    [0 :i0'	!* No, Get STRARG to 0!
fq0"E1,m(m.m & Read Line)Send to user:F"E w'u0'
    !* If arg null, then read from user, abort if he deletes!
:i1:F"G[1 :i1'fq1"E
    1,m(m.m & Read Line)Message:F"Ew'u1'

-(@Fzsys:send.exe 0 1
!& Find Previous Send:! !Return NUMARG previous sends as value!
 f[b bind				!* Temp buffer!
 fs unameu1
 1:<ERps:<1>SENDS.TXT>"N		!* Get our sends text!
   :i*No SENDS.TXTfserr'		!* Not there!
 @Y					!* Read it all in!
u2 q2"E1u2'				!* Get number of messages, or 1!
!* Look backward from end of buffer for Nth ALT or  on a
 line by itself!
zj -q2:s

"E b+1,z:G..o'"#.+3,z:G..o'
 !* Return copy from buffer of start of Nth previous message
    up through end of buffer.  If this message is the first,
    there is a ESC CRLF before it, otherwise CRLF ESC CRLF !
!What Send:! !C Print messages from SENDS.TXT
Prints last NUMARG messages you received, defaults to 1!
 M(M.M & Find Previous Send)[1 FT1
!Reply to Send:! !C Send to person sending last message
NUMARG = reply to that many messages previous to last one,
default is 1!
 M(M.M & Find Previous Send)u1	!* Get message!
f[b bind g1			!* Into buffer!
jE1a-			!* Skip blank line!
:sTTY message+1"E		!* If begins with TTY message!
    L'				!* Skip this line!
.u0 s, .-1u1			!* Now destination in range q0...q1!
q0,q1:FB at "l q1+fk+1u1 fkd i@'	!* Replace at with @ and backup q1!
q0,q1x1				!* q1 has destination!
:i2:F"G[2 :i2'fq2"E	!* For explanation see send message!
    1,m(m.m & Read Line)To 1:F"Ew'u2'
M(M.M Send Message)12