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!* -*-TECO-*- !
!* This file is the site.init file for MIT-OZ, the MIT
   Artificial Intelligence Laboratory DECSYSTEM-20.
   If you find this in your <EMACS> directory on some
   other machine, then something is probably wrong.
   Send arpanet mail to BUG-EMACS@MIT-MC, U.S. Mail
   to EMACS Maintainers, MIT AI Lab, 545 Technology
   Square, Cambridge, MA  02139, or call (617) 253-6765.!

!* Since our users are used to ITS EMACS, lets give
   them Babyl by default rather than MM, unless, of course...!

   0fo..QMail Reader Library"E
    0fo..QMail Reader Program"E
      :i*BabylM.VMail Reader Library'''

!* Understand .TEXT and .LISP extensions.  Needed for version 162 only.!

   m.mText Modem.vMM & TEXT Mode
   m.mLisp Modem.vMM & LISP Mode

!* Install C-M-$ command, available only at MIT due to ownership restrictions
   on the database.!

   @:i*|f:m(m.aWEBSTER& Dictionary Lookup Word)|m.vMM ^R Dictionary Lookup Word
   @:i*|^R Lookup word near cursor in Webster's 7th, unabridged.
With an argument, treats the entire region as one word.|m.vMM ~DOC~ ^R Dictionary Lookup Word
   m.m^R Dictionary Lookup Wordu...$

!* .SCM mode files available for everybody, and M-X SCHEME Mode defined, too.!

   1,0m.mScheme Mode"E		!* Dont redefine personal Scheme Modes!

     @:i*|:m(m.mScheme Mode)|m.vMM & SCM Mode
     @:i*|0fo..qScheme Library Loaded"E
            m(m.mLoad Library)SCHEME'
	  m(m.m& Scheme Mode)|m.vMM Scheme Mode

!* Doing 
   Make Scheme Default Mode: 1
  in an evars file causes EMACS to be set up for naive people
  using the scheme/emacs interface.  People who dont want that
  should do M-X Scheme Mode once inside EMACS.!

  0m.cMake Scheme Default Mode! Setting this variable to any value (e.g. in an EVARS file) causes SCHEME mode to be the default mode. !
  :i*SCHEMEm.vDefault Major Mode
  m(m.mScheme Mode)

  '	!* Dont redefine personal Scheme Modes!