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!* -*-TECO-*-!
!* [LOTSC]SS:<EMACS165>SITE.INIT.41, 27-Sep-85 17:01:47, Edit by B.BRUNO!
!* Change ETEACH set-up.  Disables C-W !

1m.cSave File Append CRLF* -1 => saving file appends CRLF if needed, 0 => never append, 1 => ask user

0fo..qVisit File Hook"E
       @FTThe file appears to have EDIT line numbers.  Remove them?
       1M(M.M& Yes or No)"N M(M.MStrip SOS Line Numbers)'''
      |m.vVisit File Hook

FS XJName:F6 [J
  m(m.m Load library)bruno         !* Contains the function Warning no C-W!
  m.m Warning no Control-WU.W     !* Rebind C-W to something innocuous!

!* implement BEMACS !
FS XJName:F6 [J
  (f=jBEMACS)"e 	    	    !* use restricted command set for BEMACS!
    :ej EMACS;OLD-NOVICE :EJ	    !* load the NOVICE library!
    m(m.m & Setup Novice Library)  !* and start it!