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!~Filename~:! !Hacks to go into Stanlib!
!Insert Switches:! !C Insert MACRO assembly switches around current line
Puts IFE's and IFN's around selected code.  Accepts bits in
arg as follows: 1 = LOTSW, 2 = GSBSW, 4 = SCORSW,
8=FAIRSW.  1000 (octal) bit set means also put STANSW around the
whole thing.  A negative argument means use IFE, the argument
is then made positive and the bits looked at. Precomma arg
is how many lines to surround with switches!

    [4 :i0IFN  :i1!		!* 0: IFN or IFE, 1: excl or * (OR or AND) !
    q4"l :i0IFE  -q4u4 :i1*'	!* 4: abs. val. of arg !
    :i2			!* q2 will accumulate sites!
    q4&1"n :I221LOTSW'
    q4&2"n :I221GSBSW'	!* Put in sites with excl or *!
    q4&4"n :I221SCORSW'	!* before each!
    q4&8"n :I221FAIRSW'
    FQ2 "n1,FQ2:G2U2'		!* get rid of first character!

    0l q4&1000."n g0 iSTANSW,<
'				!* Put in stansw if wanted!
    fq2"n g0 g2 i,<
'				!* put in switches he wants!
    L fq2"n i>; g0 g2 i
'				!* Skip lines, put close!
    q4&1000."n i>; g0 iSTANSW
'				!* close stansw if wanted!

!Double insert switches:! !C insert IFN's and IFE's both
Calls Insert Switches with 0,<our 2nd arg>, then with
<our 1st arg>,-<our 2nd arg>!
0,m(m.m Insert Switches)
,-m(m.m Insert Switches)
!^R Insert Switches:! ! Insert switches for ^R mode
Explicit argument is flag bits for Insert Switches (q.v.), if
preceeded by ^U then argument is negated.  Default arg is
given by qMacro Switch Default, which should contain the
bits for the machine code is normally written for.  If no such
variable exists, then you get just STANSW.!
FS ^R ARGP&2"n FS ^R ARGu0'	!* Get explicit arg if any!
"# Switch Defaultu0'	!* Get default!
FS  EXPT"n w-q0u0'		!* if ^U then negate!
q0m(m.m Insert Switches)