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[WASHINGTON]PS:<EMACS>TECO.CHANGES.2, 11-Nov-83 16:22:48, Edit by FHSU
This file documents very recent changes to MIT TECO.1209

new FS flags:
	:i*UserName$FS USRNUM ==> user number for 'UserName' (TNX)
	FS X USRNUM ==> self's user number (TNX)
	<usrnum>FS U MAIL FILE ==> 0 if user doesn't have local mailbox (TNX)
	FS TTYNBR ==> number of current .CTTRM (TNX)
	<n>FS SCRINV ==> see MODE2.EMACS for usage
	FS IF REAP -- made to work for TNX also...
	FS OF FDB -- like FS IF FDB...

	:EZ -- ":" means get deleted files also (VD,<CRLF>DEL<CRLF><CRLF>)
	@EZ -- "@" means get invisible files also, with ;OFFLINE attribute
		(These will be useful for DIRED...)
		Analogous for EL, EM, EY, ...
	<m>,<n>EI -- <m> = deleted ok, <n> = OPENF% bits in AC2
		Analogous for EW...

	TNX/20X users need 3 files: TECO.MID, CONFIG.MID, and TECTRM.MID
	TECO was split into TECO and TECTRM so that the terminal routines
	may have their own edit versions, added to, etc. without having to
	get a new TECO.MID each time - just distribute the TECTRM.  also,
	it gives us a little breathing room for editing TECO...