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(W[0 +8+fq(+4)[1
fq1"l 0'
,q1:m(q1+4(]1]0))erg}-	H#=0j8a@
Mf.t	[Timer& Get Current Time&& Insert Correct Time In Mode Line& Kill KMPTIME Library& Run Timers& Set Timer& Setup KMPTIME Library#& Start Realtime Modeline Clock~DIRECTORY~~DOC~ & Auto Save Timer~DOC~ & Clear Timer~DOC~ & Get Current Time,~DOC~ & Insert Correct Time In Mode Line ~DOC~ & Kill KMPTIME Library~DOC~ & Run Timers~DOC~ & Set Timer!~DOC~ & Setup KMPTIME Library)~DOC~ & Start Realtime Modeline Clock~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
~INVERT~KMPTIMEf0fo..qKMPTIME Loaded-11998590694"n
0m.CTimer Vector LockedLock On Timer Interrupts
300m.CTimer Lock TimeoutHow long to wait before trying lock again
14400m.CAuto Save TimeoutInterval between auto-save interrupts
0m.CTime Only* Just time without date in fancy mode line
1800m.CMode Line TimeoutHow long to wait between mode line updates
11998590694m.vKMPTIME Loaded'
fsClkIntm.vTimer Old Clock Int
fsClkMacm.vTimer Old Clock Mac
m.m& Run TimersfsClkMac
0fo..qOnly Time in Modelinef"nm.vTime Only'
0fsQVectorm.vTimer Vector
0uTimer Vector Locked
m(m.m& Auto Save Timer)
0fo..qMonths"n '
:i*Jan u:5(1)
:i*Feb u:5(2)
:i*Mar u:5(3)
:i*Apr u:5(4)
:i*May u:5(5)
:i*Jun u:5(6)
:i*Jul u:5(7)
:i*Aug u:5(8)
:i*Sep u:5(9)
:i*Oct u:5(10)
:i*Nov u:5(11)
:i*Dec u:5(12)
YqTimer Old Clock IntfsClkInt
qTimer Old Clock MacfsClkMac
0uTimer Vector
oqTimer Vector Locked"n
qTimer Lock TimeoutfsClkInt
qTimer Vector[0
fq0:"g 0fsClkIntw'
0[1 fq0/5[2 q:0(0)[3
<q1-q2; q:0(q1)-q3u:0(q1) q1+2u1>
< fq0@; q:0(0)-1;
q0[..o 0,10k ]..o >
fq0f"nw q:0(0)'fsClkInt
1[Timer Vector Locked
qTimer Vector[..o
0[0 fq..o/5[1
<q0-q1; q:..o(q0)-; q0+2u0>
q0*5j 10,0i
u:..o(q0) u:..o(q0+1)
q0"e fsClkInt'
s1[Timer Vector Locked
qTimer Vector[..o
0[0 fq..0/5[1
<q0-q1; q:..o(q0+1)-"e
q0*5j 10k'"# q0+2u0'>
aqAuto Save Timeout,(m.m& Auto Save Timer)m(m.m& Set Timer)
:m(m.m& Real-time Interrupt)v[0[1[2[3[4[5
qTime Only[6
q6"n :i*No Time'
"# :i*No Time & No Date''
q6"n oSkipDate'
3,5:g1 u2
0,2:g1 u3
6,8:g1 u4
Q:Months(3) u3
0:F2 '
:i52 3 4
12,14:g1 u2
9,11:g1 u3
F=300"e :i*Midnite 5 '
F=312"e :i*12 Noon 5 ''
"# (3-12):\u3
fq3-1"e :i3 3'
F=3 0"e :i312'
"# F=300"e :i312''
0:F3 '
q6"e :i*3:24 5 '
"# :i*3:24     'lm.vModeline Safe Macro
ff&1"n*60m.vMode Line Timeout'
:m(m.m& Insert Correct Time in Mode Line)$qMode Line Timeout,(
m.m& Insert Correct Time In Mode Line)m(m.m& Set Timer)
1,M.M &_Periodic_Action"n
M(M.M &_Periodic_Action)'
qEditor Name[0
f~..J0-1-FQ0"N oSet'
fq..J-(fq0+18)"l oSet'
qModeline Safe Macrof"n[0
q0-(]0w fsModeMacro)"n oSet''
M(M.M & Get Current Time)[1
fqEditor Name+1:f01
F=0..J"e 0'
q0 u..J
fsModeMacrof"n[0 m0fr ]0'
0*Intelligent real-time clock interrupts^S Setup for using our winning macros
This object file was compressed on 3:47pm  Sunday, 11 March 1984
by KRONJ on SU-SIERRA from the following source libraries:

   SRA:<KRONJ.EMACS>TIMER.EMACS.5,	03/11/84 15:47:05'S Fix up so user can run without us<S Macro to check list of timers for later interpretationsS Schedule a timer interrupt for later running.
Arg1 is interval (in 60ths of a second), Arg2 is macro to run.IS Remove timer from schedule.
Arg is macro that would have been run.ZS Timer interrupt for auto save.
Schedules self for later running and runs auto save.S Gets string form of time.
Time in 7 chars + <Space> + Date in 9 chars;
if qTime Only is nonzero, the just return time in 7 chars.KS Get the realtime clock interrupts going
Postcomma arg is the number of seconds to wait between updates (Default 30).
Precomma arg is time will only f^E the mode line when that macro is in ModeMac%S Updates modline display of timeK& Setup KMPTIME Library
& Kill KMPTIME Library
& Run Timers
& Set Timer
& Clear Timer
& Auto Save Timer
& Get Current Time
& Start Realtime Modeline Clock
& Insert Correct Time In Mode Line
\+8+fq(+4)[2 0[3
< %3,-q2f2u3 q3&1@; q3"l 0' >
f[BBind q3-1*5,q3*5g2 q:..o(0)+q2