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KMP@MIT-MC 11/02/79 17:55:47
For those of you with VT100 terminals if you run in ANSII mode, the
VT100 library, which you can get via

   MM Load LibraryVT100

will set up the keypad to do pretty reasonable things as follows:

(1) Keypad digits and minus are args to the next command automatically.
    [Normal digits in main key area are self-inserting still].

(2) Comma will eventually be an arg separator for advanced commands that
    take precomma args. I haven't coded this yet.

(3) Dot runs ^R Documentation like ^_H or Top-H would normally do.

(4) Arrows go vertically up, down, back and forth, independent of what
    you define ^B,^F,^N,or ^P to do ...

(5) PF1-4 run macros you can define. They are initially undefined.

(6) Enter followed by a PF-key will read characters like the ^X(...^X) does
    up until the next ^X), C-M-C, or Enter that you type. You can abort
    a definition by doing ^].