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(W[0 +8+fq(+4)[1
fq1"l 0'
,q1:m(q1+4(]1]0))Y,]8DmLVZijHt{& Babyl Auto Saving& Setup WPLIB Library~DIRECTORY~~DOC~ & Babyl Auto Saving~DOC~ & Setup WPLIB Library~DOC~ ~Filename~~Filename~
6 fs :et modew
@:i*|2fsecholinesw |fsttymacw m(fsttymac)
:i*HERMESm.vMail reader program
@:i:.x(M)|f:m(m.aBABYLM& Mail Message)|
m.m& Babyl Auto Savingu1
q1m.vBabyl R Hookw q1m.vBabyl M Hookw

 72uFill Column
2m.vTags Find File
@:i0|	65m.lFill Column
m.m^R Down Indented Linem.q..N
m.m^R Up Indented Linem.q..P
1uDisplay Matching Paren |
0fo..qText Mode Hooku1
q1"e q0u1'
"# @:i1| 01w 1|'
q1m.vText Mode Hookw
m.m^R Down Indented Linem.q..N
m.m^R Up Indented Linem.q..P
65m.lFill Column|
0fo..qScribe Mode Hooku1
q1"e q0u1'
"# :@i1|01w1|'
q1m.vScribe Mode Hookw
m(m.m Scribe Mode)w'
1m(m.mAuto Fill Mode)
1,m(m.mLoad Library)WORDAB
-uSave Word Abbrevs
1m(m.mWord Abbrev Mode)
m(m.mRead Word Abbrev File)
1,m(m.mLoad Library)TMACS
m.m^R Select Bufferu:.x()
1,m(m.mLoad Library)AUTO-SAVE-MODE
1uAuto Save Default
fsDFileuBuffer Filenames 1fsModeChw
m(m.mAuto Save Mode)w
.[1 j s--Text follows this line-- q1-."g z-q1u1 fnz-q1j'
	"# fnq1j' 0l iCC: i
Subject: i

BLibrary of functions and setup commands for "word processing".ZS Set up state (keys etc.) for WPLIB.
This object file was compressed on 9:29am  Thursday, 25 June 1981
by CSL.BKR on SU-SCORE from the following source libraries:

   PS:<EMACS>WPLIB.EMACS.1,	03/26/81 21:02:40/S Support for autosaving of message drafts.0& Setup WPLIB Library
& Babyl Auto Saving
\+8+fq(+4)[2 0[3
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